step over

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step over

1. To walk over the top of someone or something or something without treading on them. People just walked over the man who had collapsed on the sidewalk instead of stopping to see if he was OK. I stepped gingerly over the pieces of broken glass on the floor.
2. To take one or more steps to reach some nearby person, thing, or position. When your name is called, please step over to receive your corrected exams. She stepped over to the window to see what was happening outside. Please step over here and show me what's in your hands.
3. To put one's feet over some physical barrier or threshold in order to cross it. The detective stepped over the police tape to investigate the crime scene. She has been criticized for stepping over the picket line to return to work before the strike was over.
4. To cross some threshold dictating what is considered appropriate or acceptable (or not). She has been criticized for stepping over the picket line to return to work before the strike was over. I know you don't agree with the teacher's methods, but you really stepped over the line by insulting him like that.
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step over (to)

some place to move to a place a few steps away. Please step over here and I'll show you some other merchandise. If you will step over to the display case, I will show you some earrings.
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step over someone or something

to walk so as to avoid stepping on someone or something. I stepped over Tom, who was napping on the floor. Please step over the things on the floor. We are doing the spring cleaning.
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In a game full of smashes, flips and step overs, Polandscored two early goals, before Spain fought back to emerge triumphant with a 4-3 win.
The Spanish winger produced a breathtaking six step overs to set up Everton's second, in a shuffle straight out of the Ronaldo play-book.
It still looked good for Hounds after only two minutes when Lee Davies controlled a long ball on his chest, jinked passed two defenders with clever step overs and unleashed a 30-yard drive that rattled the bar.
Designed to work both internally and externally, Kee Gates are said to be particularly suited to areas such as providing safe access and egress around machinery and electrical equipment, on access platforms, step overs, stairways and ladders or as part of a demarcated route within a loading bay or warehouse.
As the backheels, back flicks and step overs almost put Emilio Izaguirre in for a rare strike.
Chris Malone netted from the spot then turned provider moments later, switching to Craig whose two clever step overs teed up a rifled finish into the corner.
It had been pre-empted by an outrageous piece of skill by Ronaldo down the left side, completely bewitching three American players as they tried to corral him out on the touchline, only for a series of step overs and a backheel to see him squirm through the three of them.
Before the Forest match he joked how he could see himself racing into the box, doing a couple of step overs and smashing it into the top corner, and he was so confident he would get on the scoresheet at Leeds that he planned his celebration by writing a birthday message for his one-year-old son Graye on a T-shirt under his City top.
I have a long standing achilles heel problem but I am hoping for half an hour on the pitch and there may be some step overs as well.
Primarily a winger, he has a high strutting style, baffling and outrageous step overs, great courage and wonderful vision but, above all, the ability to score goals from all over the pitch.
RONALDO was treating the game as a training session and after numerous step overs he sent his bewildered marker Robbie Ryan into a spin.
Sam Allardyce on the rumours linking him with the Man City jobYou don't see 20 step overs from him anymore.
You can see people like Ronaldo at Manchester United doing his step overs in one v ones, but we used to have people like Jimmy Johnstone who was probably one of the best wingers ever, and a lot of the top 1966 World Cup England players took people on, so it is all coming back and that's interesting.
Some of the players are even trying step overs and flicks between their legs