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elder statesman

1. One who is experienced and successful in a particular area. Because Michael's the elder statesman in our department, everyone always goes to him with questions.
2. One who is no longer working in a particular job but is still considered a valuable resource. Even though he's been retired for a year, Joe is still the elder statesman that gives us all feedback on our manuscripts.
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an ˌelder ˈstatesman

1 a person who has had an important job in government, business, etc. and who, though he/she may have retired (= stopped work), is still likely to be asked for his/her opinion and advice
2 any experienced and respected person whose advice or work is valued: He is regarded as TV’s elder statesman, having worked for the giant CBS network for nearly twenty years.
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Judged by the preceding criteria, very few politicians can claim to be leaders and even fewer among them in power, can claim to be statesmen. We've lived with this for too long and it's time to reclaim our country and demand that our politicians in power adopt the following four paradigms in statecraft.
When the Statesmen football team parades through the park, energized and prepared to win, the Fighting Okra Marching Band accompanies them.
I challenge Mario, a man of many talents, to find much political idealism, vision and courage behind the motivations of any of his statesmen (with the partial exception of Evans perhaps).
These four statesmen were involved in matters of military technology, campaign planning, and even tactics.
The Eleatic Stranger relates the myth of the age of Cronus to show us a recognizably human condition in which human statesmen and their political science or technique were unnecessary.
The Stranger had alluded to this problem when, in introducing the wise king, he said that they must distinguish him from those "who pretend that they are statesmen and persuade many but are not in any way" (292d7, emphasis added).
What was the strength of a Churchill or a Franklin Delano Roosevelt or a DeGaulle, or any of the great statesmen? They all had an instinct for history.
While acknowledging that we operate within constraints, he insists that statesmen frequently have real choices to make and that these choices can be made wisely or foolishly.
'It is not in the character of ACF to attack the views or opinion of the former president and elder statesmen of Chief Obasanjo's status on national issues in such uncomplimentary manner, Chief Obasanjo as an elder statesman is entitled to his opinion on all issues including democracy, as he had previously endorsed presidential candidates.
He was the last of that generation of statesmen along with Jose Diokno and Ninoy Aquino, he said.
Sweden, March 30 -- Almost all the Asian countries are now suffering from a severe drought of statesmen, while there is a flood of politicians, we might say that in supermarket language, 'buy one and take one free!'- they have become so cheap!
Al-Bader welcomed the senior guests including Albanian statesmen, MPs, public figures and intelligentsia, as well as representatives of the Arab diplomatic corps in the Balkan country.
President Gul is set to attend the inauguration of the King Abdallah University of Science and Technology and hold talks with several statesmen attending the inaugural ceremony later in the day.
Who are Wales' greatest living statesmen? Beginning on Monday, The Western Mail profiles the best Wales has to offer, with a chance to vote for your choice.
Democratic theorist once viewed democracy as a partnership between citizens and statesmen, to which each brought complementary virtues.
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