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colloquial A musical instrument consisting of two hard ends connected by a bellows that one alternates between pulling and squeezing the so that the bellows draws in and then expels air, which passes over a vibrating to create the desired sound. Usually refers specifically to an accordion or concertina. Most kids his age want to play the drums or electric guitar, but he has always had a fascination with the squeezebox, of all things. My granddad could liven up any room just by picking up his squeezebox and playing some jaunty tune.


n. an accordion. (see also groan box.) My brother plays the squeeze-box—not very well, but who can tell? The band consisted of drums, clarinet, and a box. A real winner.
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laying back in an armchair listening to Tord Grip play Swedish folk songs on his squeeze-box.
Ceilidhs, country dances, Mods, weddings, the White Heather Club and countless broadcasts wouldn't be worth a "hooch" without the squeeze-box, .
Adding macho insult to ethnic injury, most of Proulx's squeeze-box players are men, who jealously guard the accordion as a man's instrument," cruelly, sometimes violently, inciting daughters and wives to permanent flight.
Algora not infrequently worked the bellows of his squeeze-box without pressing the buttons -- effectively making the thing breathe (or wheeze) but not allowing it to sing.
BEFORE that double helping of squeeze-box, there are two interesting shows on Tuesday.
TORD Grip is planning to unveil his secret weapon to spur on England's injury-hit squad: his squeeze-box.
I intend voting for it, and as I'm sure Senator Camillus Glynn would attest to on his squeeze-box, sometimes the devil has all the best tunes.
Instead, he loves the old-fashioned squeeze-box and counts Jimmy Shand among his heroes.
SQUEEZE-BOX Queen Sharon Shannon continues her Each Little Thing nationwide tour tonight in Dublin's Temple Bar Music Centre.