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Leonard " It was typically, detached Vulcan response and one expected from a man who had no peers when it came to playing Spock.
In 1977, Nimoy famously titled his autobiography "I Am Not Spock.
So Spock, Kirk, and Spock's mother have affirmed the idea that acting logically and acting "human" can be at odds--and that acting logically means always putting the needs of the many first.
Spock went against childcare orthodoxy as well, encouraging parents to pick up their children when they were crying rather than letting them cry themselves to sleep.
The boy Spock is a child of two worlds, and is instigated toward violent reaction by pureblood Vulcan children as a result; the young Spock struggles throughout the film to find an appropriate Vulcan-human balance, an internal conflict that is supposedly settled by a chance encounter between the young Spock and the old.
Several mentioned that Caine and Spock were heroes to them.
Spock relies on the quality of sources for relevance and assesses authority of both data on the Web and community involvement.
For those driven up the wall by their anklebiters, this programme follows six families as they stick to the principles laid out by King, Spock and the ContinuumConcept with interesting results.
130, a thoroughly illogical Vulcan, Sybok, a half-brother to the more familiar Spock, has convinced his followers that God exists on an as-yet undiscovered planet at the center of the Milky Way galaxy.
Spock, for whom we mourned at the end of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan but who had returned to life before the end of the tellingly rifled Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.
Benjamin Spock, who had long been America's favorite doctor, received many letters from both opponents and supporters of the war.
A Mr Spock lookalike remained unrepentant as he walked free from court yesterday after waging a foul-mouthed hate campaign against his former neighbours.
Spock, who is now an ambassador, to fight the pseudo-Earth gods whom Spock and the Enterprise had encountered in one of the original TV episodes.
Spock of Star Trek fame came from the planet Vulcan.
Grant uses mothers' letters to the two great child-rearing gurus of the baby boom--Benjamin Spock and Arnold Gesell--to reconstruct the official and unofficial ideologies of motherhood in the postwar years.