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He wants people to understand and keep the genuine spirit of the Law. The Law and the Prophets intend to teach genuine righteousness, one that is anchored on love, on promoting the good of the person, and mirrors the holiness of the heavenly Father.
She called the demands 'contrary to the spirit of the law [Prakas 443],' and added that such a demand would cause instability in Cambodia's garment industry, which is already experiencing problems.
"With regards the overall revision of the laws we have undertaken over the last few years a question we always ask is, 'What would football expect?' That's why there's both the letter of the law and the spirit of the law.
Timpson Group chief executive James Timpson - a former visiting professor at Newcastle University's business school - said: "We are happy and proud to pay our taxes and have always strived to pay tax in the spirit of the law.
"We believe that how we work is as important as the lifesaving and sustaining products we provide, so we must always act with integrity complying with the letter and spirit of the law."
She highlighted the motivational spirit of the Law Department in admiring the great iconic lawyer and a human right activist, Late Asma Jhangir.
The CJP said: 'You couldn't get the spirit of the law. Your speech may be satisfying you, but it is not the spirit of the law.
ISLAMABAD -- Implementing Fata Reform Bill in selected tribal areas only, will be against the spirit of the law, said PPP Senator Farhatullah Babar said on Monday.
After all, this is the spirit of the law," Nograles said.
The Pope's New Year's Day message "There needs to be a thorough investigation into the actions, expenditure and financial probity of Remain campaigners, who appear to have flouted the rules and the spirit of the law to advance their cause in concert with each other." Tory MP Priti Patel "I am very much a trainer, black jeans, black top kind of girl.
Summary: This ban breaks the spirit of the law and puts the rights of people in jeopardy for no fault of theirs
But since he was saying we should stop selling BS3 stock in the spirit of the law, why don't the two-wheeler companies upgrade to four-wheeler emission levels now that all of us are BS4 compliant?" said Vinod K Dasari, MD, Ashok Leyland.
"I am confident we have submitted a set of recommendations that respects the spirit of the law while reflecting input from our community," Opperman said.
Summary: Kuwait judge favours spirit of the law following mother's pleas
He added: "Inevitably there will be an investigation into why we have found ourselves in this position and I have urgently asked my own officials to ensure the scheme is running to the letter and also to the spirit of the law."