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A lucrative business or product. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. That mobile dating app has proved to be a real money-spinner for the developer—it's making them more money than anything else they've launched before.

fidget spinner

A small propeller-shaped toy designed to be spun atop one's fingertip. Ostensibly a device to help people with attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder increase their focus, the fidget spinner became popular with schoolchildren and those who use it to try to ease anxiety or restlessness. Ever since I got my son a fidget spinner, he's had an easier time paying attention in class, but the school is considering banning them as a distraction.
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n. a bullet. Harry the Horse’s shot sent a spinner into Lefty’s gut.
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Although big spinners are currently focused on clearing their imported cotton, small spinners with limited resources are still looking for quality lint which is running in short supply.
Veteran spinner and all-time favourite with the local spinning fans Thuto Rasegojwa said he expected the spinning festival to attract talented spinners even from across the borders but was disappointed when only a few turned up.
Blades expert Sarah Hainsworth told the programme: 'We found that for all three of the spinners you can stab a tomato with very moderate force, so these could potentially cause a significant injury to the eye.
Five other spinners bought from local shops failed crucial tests when examined by a toy safety expert.
It pointed out that Latvia and Luxembourg have already banned the marketing of hand spinners because of non-compliance to the European Union's Toy Safety Directive.
According to Newsweek, a second report on Russia-24 also aired on July 12th, directly saying fidget spinners were an aobject for zombifyinga and a form of ahypnosis.
Paul Harris (705), Paul Adams (588) and Nicky Boje (545) are the only South Africa spinners with higher point tallies in this period.
Some Chinese-made spinners use lithium button batteries which can cause nasty internal burns if a child swallows them.
Pleasant City School District in Michigan and Catawba County Schools in North Carolina, were supportive of fidget spinners, according to online publications, but increasingly school leaders are banning the toys from classrooms because they have become too much of a distraction.
There have also been warning of fidget spinners being choking hazards.
Among the various varieties was a gold-colored metal spinner with the Mercedes-Benz logo on each spoke, and another one had fluorescent blades on the ends.
The brightly coloured pocket money toys - also known as fidget spinners - are being banned at a host of schools for causing problems, distracting pupils in lessons and posing risks to safety.
Originally designed to help children with additional needs like ADHD or ASD, fidget spinners are now a bona fide schoolyard craze.
Started in 1967 and expanded 10 years ago, the program requires spinners to meet stringent technical specifications and implement efficient processes for quality yarn production.
Pakistan spinner Saeed Ajmal -- one of the best off- spinners in the current generation -- feels that apart from batsmen from the subcontinent, nobody else has the talent to play a spinner of Ashwin's calibre.