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A change in the spelling of some 2,000 French words will come into effect in new school textbooks being released for the start of the school year in September, the Education Ministry and publishers announced.
In this part of the analysis, we were not looking for correct spellings of phonemes and morphemes, but for a qualitative shift between the linguistic nature of the spelling approximations in the pre-test and the corresponding spelling approximations in the post-test.
says, sez verb and a frequent colloquial spelling thereof
This study arose from my frequent observation of the use of US spellings in written materials created by a group of Canadian university students.
Its function is to explain synchronically the existing standard spellings and to predict possible well-formed spellings.
It was in 1972 that the Bowen report effectively put an end to the practice whereby Welsh place names were given in English spelling only.
Despite the widespread use of "variant" spelling, 31% of those questioned said these alternative non-standard spellings are "completely unacceptable.
Despite the widespread use of so-called "variant" spelling, almost a third of those questioned said that alternative non-standard spellings are "completely unacceptable".
To tell the tale of the word spelling is to talk about magic and significance.
The article compares two approaches to spelling assessment and instruction: (a) a more traditional approach--the student is administered a standardized test, the teacher documents the student's grade-level performance, the teacher presents lists of words at that grade level to the student, and the teacher tests the student's performance each week; and (b) a more prescriptive and tailored approach--the student is given a sample of words at the appropriate developmental level, spellings for each sound are scored to identify non-mastered orthographic patterns, and misspellings are analyzed to determine error patterns.
The judges declared both boys winners and the two went on to the county spelling bee, where Stephen won, beating another boy, Gavin McDonald.
Spelling Matters Too is an updated version of Heinemann's Spelling Matters.
Education Secretary Margaret Spellings and six major Washington-based higher ed association leaders laid out their priorities for action, or at least discussion, in the new year.
Observed The Times, "Its release, on a summer Friday, was made without a news conference or comment from Education Secretary Margaret Spellings.
Like it or not, Spellings primetime fantasies helped shape television programming for more than four decades.