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Suffice to say, the name Cousteau appears on my computer spellcheck. Reagan does not.
Which is why personal computers come with a spellcheck.
QCOULD you please tell me why, in Outlook Express 5, spellcheck is on the toolbar but is inactive?
Apparently, the spellcheck on Jamie's laptop repeatedly changed the word polenta, the chic Italian maize dish, to placenta.
A OUTLOOK Express uses the spellchecking options built into Microsoft Office applications (such as Word), and your desktop has become set as the location where your custom spellcheck dictionary file (custom.dic) is stored.
Do you want to send it anyway?" to which I reply Yes and it sends, but without the spellcheck facility.
QWHEN I send email using Outlook Express, I am unable to use the spellcheck facility.
"If he wrote a letter without his computer spellcheck, his spelling would be terrible," said his dad, Colin, 67, from Havant, Hants.
"We have just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling" Hillary Clinton after being nominated as the Democrat candidate for the White House "Clothing draws attention to you all the time - it can act like a sublimation of your soul" Fashionista Dame Vivienne Westwood "I have discovered that spellchecks can't spell.
Spellchecks on the placards, totting up different ways of nailing a 146 finish in three darts, vague classical references from Sid.
Iona Price, of Gwynedd Skills Shop, a division of Antur Dwyryd-Llyn, said that the workshop will involve gaining a better understanding of Welsh software spellchecks, Cysill, Cysgair and the CD game, Cymarfer.
Bosses are increasingly angry at careless work by staff who rely on computer spellchecks and adopt American spellings.