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Of course, there is a great deal of disagreement as to what constitutes excellence of character, ranging from Aristotle's "great souled man" to Rawls's successful life-planner.
Above me the hate of no reason was born in the imaginations of the heavy bodied dark souled men who plotted briefly then blasted the silence of my tunnel with the sudden sharp whine of gear motors kicking in, shattering my ears the instant I'd lifted my legs away.
Wet Wet Wet are one of the UK's most successful artists and the band have charted three number one singles and sold in excess of 15 million singles and albums to date, since their debut album, 'Popped In Souled Out', went to number one in 1987.
Marti admits to listening back to debut album Popped In, Souled Out with some fond memories.
Is it really that long since I sat in my bedroom lusting over the Popped In Souled Out double album cover and planning my forthcoming wedding to the fresh-faced Clydebank hunk that was Marti Pellow?
She has composed for three BBC drama series and two films as well as collaborating with Italian dance dons Souled Out to produce a European dance hit, Time Goes By.
Souled Out - filmed in Stoke and Brum, is produced by Natasha Carlish.
Thus in the passages mentioned, Aristotle calls Socrates "gracious" and "great souled," but not humble.
The support slot for the concert has been admirably filled by the popular Jim Diamond to showcase his new album, Souled and Healed.
And it's been like that since 1987 when the album, Popped In Souled Out, featuring hits like Sweet Little Mystery, Angel Eyes and Wishing I Was Lucky, propelled the Wets to pop stardom.
These are the programmes with ``new'' presenters: 6am - Good Morning Wales (Peter Johnson and Jamie Owen) 9am - Roy Noble (Kevin Hughes) 11am - Jamie Owen (Roy Noble) Noon - Nicola Heywood Thomas (Chris Needs and Nicola) 2pm - Frank Hennessy (Felicity Evans and Vaughan Roderick) 7pm - Souled (Frank Hennessy) 8pm - Kevin Hughes (John Lenney) 10.
Panjabi explained: ``I started on my first bhangra release, Souled Out, which took me three months.
The Sweet Little Mystery star said: "It's me and the rest of the Wets, I think at the Columbia Hotel in 1986 - all sharing a room together in London when recording Popped In Souled Out.
October 26: Soul/Motown night with James Frankly and The Souled Out Band.
As an actor his many television and film credits include Coronation Street, The Visit, Drop Dead Gorgeous, No Angels, Clocking Off, Queer as Folk, Cold Feet and Shameless, while his most recent project, hitting the big screen soon, is Souled Out.