Sorry I asked

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(I'm) sorry I asked

1. I wish I didn't know what I just found out. A: "Since you're interested, here's a video showing how sausage is made." B: "Ugh, sorry I asked."
2. Getting the answer to my question was troublesome or more trouble than it was worth. A: "You want a motorcycle? Are you insane? They are so dangerous! Don't you remember that your cousin was killed on one 10 years ago? What are you thinking?" B: "All right, all right! Sheesh, I'm sorry I asked."
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Sorry (that) I asked.

Now that I have heard the answer, I regret asking the question. Alice: Can we get anew car soon? The old one is a wreck. John: Are you kidding? There's no way that we could ever afford a new car! Alice: Sorry I asked. After he heard the long list of all the reasons he wouldn't be allowed to go to the concert, Fred just shrugged and said, "Sorry that I asked."
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