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a sop to Cerberus

A bribe. Taken from the ancient Greek and Roman custom of leaving gifts with corpses so that Cerberus (guardian of the gates of hell) would pass them by. What is this money, a sop to Cerberus so that I won't tell the authorities what you've done?
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sop something up

to mop or soak up a liquid. Use this rag to sop the spilled milk up. The rag will sop up the mess a little at a time.
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sop up

To take something up by absorption; absorb something: We sopped up the water with paper towels. I sopped the sauce up with a piece of bread.
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1. n. a drunkard; an alcoholic. Give the old sop a buck and tell him to beat it.
2. tv. & in. to guzzle (liquor). You’ve sopped booze long enough. Go home.
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Brendan Mahaney gets ready to press out the sopes dough.
Photo: 1 To make sopes, Julie Huezo cooks masa patties on griddle until specked with brown
75) are recommendable and the sopes con carne ($11.
At Border Grill look for special star creations such as plantain empanadas, chicken panuchos, green corn tamales, grilled cactus salad, sopes, carnitas, chicken pibil, baby octopus, capirotada bread pudding, porcupine cookies and, of course, tortilla soup.
Recommendable dishes: Tacos, tortas, tamales, chicken with capers, ribs in tomatillo sauce, cocido, albondigas, campestre, chicken sopes, capirotada.
In addition to exotic tropical drinks, a specially created brew called Blue Marlin pale ale, regular cocktails and such nibbles as crab tacos, sopes and nachos, the new outdoor Baja Bar at the Sheraton Universal Hotel serves California wines by the glass and numerous bottled beers.
Food: Host chef Toribio Prado, also chefs Felix Salcedo (Sonora Cafe), Tacho Kneeland (Border Grill) and John Sedlar (consultant to Billboard Live and Encounter) will prepare miniature corn sopes, rock shrimp cakes, Chino y Latino salad, guava and goat cheese quesadillas, swordfish brochettes and an ending of tropical fruit with a chocolate rum fondue dip for the $35 dinner.