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Glenn Hudson, managing director of Vimto Soft Drinks, said there was a great deal of new product development currently under way.
A report compiled by the UK Natural Resource Institute has offered some explanation for the steady decline in Africa's softs markets share.
The new APIs are designed to serve the commodity futures industry including agricultural, energy, metals and softs markets.
Laeken International offers real-time charts and quotes for a variety of commodity market products and instruments particularly on stock indices; commodities such as grains, meats, fiber, softs, foods, energies, base and precious metals and financial instruments.
This will ensure clients have access to a single trading and risk management solution for the whole lifecycle of all commodities, including metals, softs and energy products.
Vincy Options provides charts and quotes for a vast selection of markets including Livestock and Meats, Grains and Oilseed, Food, Fiber Softs, Currency, Energy, Financial, Stock Indices and Metals.
The team includes Ron Epstein, Anthony Croce and Anthony Rizzo, who have all just joined RJO as Senior Vice President, Institutional Softs Desk.
Lance Futures has put up a so-called Agri Brokerage Trading Desk that will accept trade on agricultural commodities such as sugar, coffee, softs, cocoa, corn and livestocks.
Pulsar Capital is an International Proprietary Trading Firm, based in the United Kingdom and operating globally on a broad range of asset classes (Equities, Currencies, Interest Rates, Metals, Energy, Livestock, Softs and Agriculture).
The PFGBEST Research Outlook 2011 covers currencies, interest rates, stock indexes, precious metals, energy markets, grains, livestock, softs and has a bonus feature of an institutional forex perspective.
The report contains a detailed monthly analysis of price, volatility and volume activity for listed futures markets, including: Energy, Interest Rates, Grains, Livestock, Equity Indices, Metals, Softs and Foreign Exchange instruments.
The Westcore Capital Limited new office will accept commodity trades such as feed ingredients, dairy products, animal fats and animal proteins, agricultural products such as wheat, cotton, corn and softs.
In addition, the fund is also available as a separate fund for those advisors who want to offer their customers with coverage to energy, base metals, precious metals, livestock, softs and grains.
The commodity sectors for the Index include Precious Metals, Industrial Metals, Energy and agricultural products such as Livestock, Softs, and Grains.
A sharp decline in sugar prices pressured the S&P GSCI Softs Index to post a February decline of 8.