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So far so good - George and I are in total agreement.
He said: "Liz has been treating Yeats every day since he tweaked a muscle and it's a case of so far so good.
Assuming Kristy remains healthy - and so far so good on that front - by the time the Falcons conclude the preseason schedule, all concerns should be done with.
So far so good, this is clearly a useful source book.
The importance of recruiting SoCal was an integral part of Dorrell's interviews with athletic director Dan Guerrero, and so far so good.
SO far so good - the spectre of foot-and-mouth has lifted a little.
So far so good, all is well in the city of Rochester.
So far so good this year as marchers, denied their preferred route, accepted the situation with defiant good grace.
So far so good, but how to put the philosophy into operation?
He said: "There were times over the summer I was thinking maybe it wasn't all going to work out and it was a bit of a rush job in the pre-season but so far so good.