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The registration fee for snowbirds could generate revenue for infrastructure needs, Lawrence said.
Here is a list of "ABCs and Ds" for snowbirds to check off before taking flight:
Kavanagh points out that TD Insurance has a plan specifically for snowbirds aged 55 and above who stay away for 30 days or more.
For 25 years, however, Norton's consulting firm has studied the migratory patterns of Yuma County snowbirds.
By moving the show to once every second year, the chance of booking the Snowbirds increases, he said.
Crushing Rock is a snowbird of a different feather.
The living memorial to Kilmer, tucked away in the heart of North Carolina's Nantahala National Forest, lies under the shadow of the Snowbird Mountains of the Unicoi Range.
In Florida, a winter mecca for snowbirds, some newspapers are taking advantage of this seasonal market.
When asked about the future of the Snowbirds, Chief of Air Staff Lt.-Gen.
As the Snowbirds were collocated at this airfield they were able to easily share the maintenance facilities and pool the costs with the pilot training school.
Military officials said they don't yet know what caused the crash, but they have suspended all flying training missions from the Snowbirds base in Moose Jaw while they investigate.
Snowbird foods is re-launching its top selling Gourmet range of sausages exclusively using outdoor bred, single source pig meat to guarantee high quality, absolute consistency and total traceability.
Snowbird Foods has strengthened its range of unique Gourmet Plus Chipolata Sausages with the launch of a new recipe.
Progressive production practices have enabled Snowbird Foods to perfect the presentation of its innovative Lamb Koftes.
Thanks to a 1.5m [pounds sterling] refurbishment and refit, Snowbird Foods has doubled capacity at its factory in Enfield, London.