Smokey the Bear

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smokey (bear)

slang Code for a state trooper or police officer used on citizens band (CB) radio, especially by long-haul truckers. Alludes to the style of hat that many state troopers wear, which is also worn by Smokey Bear, the character used to promote wildfire prevention. Anyone got their ears on? Just spotted a smokey off the junction to I-75 junction. A: "Watch out for smokey bears heading into Derby City." B: "10-4."
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Smokey (the Bear)

n. a highway patrol officer; a police officer. (see also bear, lady bear.) A Smokey was hiding behind a billboard!
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By deifying Smokey the Bear, the sutra plays on the comical tension between the Buddha's mystical dignity and Smokey the Bear's status as a mass-media cartoon mascot.
Through an innovative partnership with the USDA Forest Service, a portion of the proceeds from every sale of Smokey the Bear honey goes to support educational efforts on wildfire prevention, say Natural American Foods officials.
My guess is that Neil was really desperate to come up with something to rhyme with `there' and he had already rejected `So I ate a pear,' `Like Smokey the Bear,' and `There were nits in my hair.
And the campaign is intended to be as long-lasting and hopefully as effective as the iconic Smokey the Bear forest fire prevention public service ads.
Everyone's favorite Forest Ranger, Smokey the Bear, turned 65 this year, with a celebration on August 10.
Crutchfield, a noted Western historian, relates 31 historical events that shaped the history of New Mexico from the killing of Billy the Kid to the real story of Smokey the Bear.
Smokey the Bear once said, "Only you can prevent forest fires.
Smokey The Bear showed his liking for the course when completing a hat-trick in a Class 5 handicap last month.
So, out go Heron Bay, Players Please, Charlie Tokyo, Sgt Schultz and Smokey The Bear.
A 1996 study showed that more kids recognized the Budweiser Frogs than Tony the Tiger or Smokey the Bear.
Those of you who are graduating today have not always had a warm feeling of affection for the men and women wearing the Smokey the Bear hat, but today you realize that you are a better Airman because they care about you and our Air Force.
With the Department of the Interior also promoting recreational user fees, corporate sponsorship of park activities, and partnerships for bio-prospecting (companies looking to develop new drugs from microbes, plants, and animals) in the parks, one can start to imagine Smokey the Bear recast as ComCast Bear, Arches National Park as Golden Arches National Park, or hip ads promoting Yellowstone washed jeans.
I remember a tough old drill sergeant, perfectly adorned with his Smokey the Bear hat, telling me it is easy to be gung-ho and act like you know what you're doing when you've had plenty of sleep and have a full stomach.