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chain smoker

A person who smokes cigarettes continuously, such that they begin a new cigarette as (or almost as) soon as the last one is extinguished. My grandmother died of emphysema after being a chain smoker for most of her adult life.
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chain smoker

One who smokes continually by lighting a new cigarette from the one being finished, as in Before they forbade smoking, bridge tournaments often attracted players who are chain smokers . [c. 1930]
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n. someone who smokes cigarette after cigarette. She was a chain-smoker for thirty years, and then suddenly, boom. She’s gone.
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Standard 120V power: The smokers operate off a standard 120V electrical outlet, making temperature control easy to maintain and giving cooks the freedom to move away from their smokers for long periods.
Smokers should respect non-smoker's wishes when they don't wish to passive smoke.
More than 18% of smokers reported suffering from anxiety or depression, compared to 10% of non-smokers and 11% of ex-smokers.
Within the first year after quitting, they gain an average of eight to14 pounds, and some smokers report that they keep smoking simply because they do not want to gain weight from quitting.
The study of the 200,000 Australians aged over 45 by Sax Institute found that two thirds of deaths in current smokers can be directly attributed to smoking.
Those exposed to secondhand smoke either lived with smokers or spent time with smokers, for example in a designated smoking area.
Daily smokers and non-smokers were also compared on their beliefs about addiction to smoking cigarettes (see Table 2).
Of course, smoking can kill the smoker, we all know that, but I once read about a professor who has studied passive smoking to reveal that if a non-smoker spent many years in the company of a heavy smoker, they would only inhale a short supply of nicotine.
Supporting National No Smoking Day on March 9, Specsavers in North Shields is hoping to educate smokers about the potential damage they are doing to their eyes.
They found 80 per cent of those with severe acne were smokers.
Cigarette smoke contains thousands of dangerous chemicals that are unhealthy for both smokers and nonsmokers.
Smoking status was classified in five categories: nonsmoker, current light smoker, current heavy smoker, ex-light smoker, and ex-heavy smoker.
And that's bad news for outgoing Majority Leader John Boehner, a chain smoker who even has his own smoking perch, known as the ``Boehner Bench,'' in the Speaker's Lobby.
A dating agency has gone completely smoke-free after research showed that single smokers have a tough time getting a partner.
As smoking issues heat up in the public domain--dare we observe the high-handed extent of employers not only refusing to hire smokers but also having the gall to terminate currently smoking employees--what better time than now for us to judiciously rethink our own follies in tobacco underwriting?