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chain smoker

A person who smokes cigarettes continuously, such that they begin a new cigarette as (or almost as) soon as the last one is extinguished. My grandmother died of emphysema after being a chain smoker for most of her adult life.
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chain smoker

One who smokes continually by lighting a new cigarette from the one being finished, as in Before they forbade smoking, bridge tournaments often attracted players who are chain smokers . [c. 1930]
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n. someone who smokes cigarette after cigarette. She was a chain-smoker for thirty years, and then suddenly, boom. She’s gone.
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The presentation of ECG recordings in IHD patients indicated that 74% had typical ST elevation in the patient smokers, whereas in case of non-smoker patients, 62% were admitted with ST elevation MI.
Most smokers in 2017 consume less than a pack daily (64%), but about one in four smoke a pack (27%).
After a year, the team found that smokers have a harder time finding a job than their non-smoking peers.
Conclusion: The TLC and eosinophil count rise, while BP and monocyte counts fall in smokers.
But the number of intermittent smokers increased among Puerto Rican and Mexican men, with Mexicans ages 20-34 being twice as likely than Mexicans older than 65 to be light and intermittent smokers.
Within the first year after quitting, they gain an average of eight to14 pounds, and some smokers report that they keep smoking simply because they do not want to gain weight from quitting.
The study of the 200,000 Australians aged over 45 by Sax Institute found that two thirds of deaths in current smokers can be directly attributed to smoking.
uA American General: Smoking marijuana more than twice monthly could result in the rates of a smoker with the possibility of a table rating.
Those exposed to secondhand smoke either lived with smokers or spent time with smokers, for example in a designated smoking area.
Daily smokers and non-smokers were also compared on their beliefs about addiction to smoking cigarettes (see Table 2).
Remember, smokers pay a lot of revenue, and if smokers were forced to give up then where would the government target the next people.
Smokers are twice as likely as non-smokers to develop age-related macular degeneration, the UK's leading cause of blindness.
thyrotropin (TSH) was evaluated in male current smokers (n=80), ex -smokers (n=50) and never smokers (n=50), ages ranging 30-60 years.
Is it time for smokers to line up outside a restaurant after their meal to smoke, as office/bank employees do?
Harvard researchers report results of a new study comparing smokers, ex-smokers, and never-smokers, all of whom had multiple sclerosis (MS).