beauty is only skin deep

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beauty is only skin deep

Physical attractiveness does not equate to substance or character. Of course that gorgeous model didn't tip you—beauty is only skin deep, after all.
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Beauty is only skin-deep.

Prov. A person who looks beautiful may not have a pleasing personality; a person's good looks may not last. Fred: I hope Nancy will go out with me. She's so beautiful! Jane: I hate to disappoint you, but in Nancy's case, beauty is definitely only skin-deep. Don't be so proud of your pretty face. Beauty is only skin-deep.
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beauty is only skin deep

External attractiveness has no relation to goodness or essential quality. This maxim was first stated by Sir Thomas Overbury in his poem "A Wife" (1613): "All the carnall beauty of my wife is but skin-deep."
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beauty is only skin-ˈdeep

(saying) physical appearance is no guide to a person’s character: My mother always used to say that beauty is only skin-deep. What’s really important is the sort of person you are.
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I believe, sir,” he said, “that a probe is not necessary; the shot has missed the bone, and has passed directly through the arm to the opposite side, where it remains but skin deep, and whence, I should think, it might he easily extracted.
a color less than skin deep and a humor more than flesh and blood can
Construction of Aboriginal women's gender and sexuality was a form of colonial control, and Skin Deep shows how the industrialization of print was critical to this control, emerging as it did alongside colonial expansion.
If you're curious and serious about learning what goes into your products, check out the Environmental Working Group's (EWG) Skin Deep Cosmetics Database, created by EWG and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.
YES BY ANNE-MARIE O'LEARY EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, NETMUMS NO BY SION SMITH, EDITOR SKIN DEEP, TATTOO MAG WHILE it may raise some eyebrows, all families choose to do things differently and we should respect those differences.
com)-- At Skin Deep Laser Services in Burke, Virginia they offer affordable laser skin resurfacing solutions to the everyday people of Northern Virginia and D.
But this loveliness might be only skin deep, If into her soul you could have a peep, Her beauty may not be also within, Inside she may hide a selfish being.
Items bearing the mark must score in the "green" range in EWG's Skin Deep cosmetics database and meet additional criteria set by EWG scientists.
Skin Deep (Jon Leahy, 2014) celebrates the unlikely friendship between two young women who careen through the Sydney suburb of Newtown in this last-night-on-Earth vignette.
Beneficiaries are Barnardos, the Skin Deep Appeal at Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI), the Great North Air Ambulance and Carrigan 'Polly' Clark, 14, who is raising funds for Hodgkins Lymphoma despite undergoing chemotherapy.
Sure enough, it was there amongst all the oldies I bought many years ago, a fabulous piece called Skin Deep which featured Louie Bellson on the drums.
It is a controversial line that pushes the idea that beauty is only skin deep to the extreme.
Beauty is indeed only skin deep and Julie is certainly not unattractive.
Skin deep Downsize your make-up haul with Lancome's new Teint Visionnaire Foundation.