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Joe Sixpack

An average man, typically of the working class. My brother's just your typical guy, a real Joe Sixpack—you can find him watching a sporting event in a bar after work pretty much any night of the week.
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Joe Six-Pack

A name for an average, usually lower-middle-class, man, who enjoys drinking beer (which can be bought packages of six—hence "six pack"). Yeah, but those aren't the kinds of political issues that interest Joe Six-Pack, OK?
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Joe Six-pack

A lower-middle-class male. For example, I don't think opera will appeal to Joe Six-pack; he'd prefer a rock concert. This disparaging term, first recorded in 1977, conjures up the image of a man in undershirt and construction helmet who will down all of a six-pack (six cans or bottles of beer sold in a package) in an evening.
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Joe Six-pack

n. the average guy who sits around drinking beer by the six-pack. Joe Six-pack likes that kind of television program.
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General Motors for generations has been styling its gas guzzlers for Joe Sixpack, abjuring the tastes of those elitists who've been favoring Prius or Lexus.
But when it came time for him to step up to the plate on that April day, Sixpack connected in a way a Philly fan doesn't forget.
For the first time, DOS-based GUI applications have become credible, and perhaps even inevitable, to the average Joe Sixpack user.
Joe or Sally Sixpack walk into an FFL holder's place of business and purchase their first handgun.
They will perform alongside X Factor finalist Sean Smith - one half of pop duo Same Difference - taking the role of street urchin Aladdin, and reality TV star Jordan Davies who will show off his toned sixpack in his role as the Genie of the Lamp.
It isn't about having a sixpack or ribs sticking out," added Emily.
Meanwhile, her ex Thom is showing off his sixpack in an ad campaign for seamless underwear by D.
Ross grinned: "You might be a little big for telly", nodding at my not-quite sixpack belly and suggesting that my passion for, er, fine wine might get in the way of my ambitious plans.
So what of the Bellow's Rock range that come as part of a mixed red sixpack at pounds 23.
Anyone who has been subjected to the pictures in the popular press of Cristiano Ronaldo parading his sixpack around various swimming pools in the last few weeks can vouch for the fact that he for one certainly doesn't need a few run-outs against Celtic to get his body in shape.
But, a few years ago, Don Russell took his interest and fondness for the foaming substance and turned it into one of the Philadelphia Daily News' most popular columns, "Joe Sixpack.
If one didn't get too confounded by the math in its title, "One Sixpack Short of a Hippie Death Cult," an exhibition of prints and posters by the Williamsburg, Brooklyn-based duo Kayrock and Wolfy, was that rare summer show that's both concise and engaging.
For those who don't know, this brand of blue comedy features red meat eatin' Joe Sixpack folks, winnebagos, cheap beet" and even cheaper "You might be a redneck if' jokes.
A subsequent visit by the department on September 4 found that a twinpack burger and bap should have left the shelf on August 24 and a sixpack of eggs was found to be 17 days out of date.