sing for your supper

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sing for (one's) supper

To obtain something by working for it or by providing another service in return. You're welcome to stay with us on the farm as long as you like, but you'll have to sing for your supper while you're here.
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sing for your supper

If you have to sing for your supper, you have to do a particular job before you are allowed to do or have something that you want. `Might you give me their number, Helena?' She took a while to answer. `Very well,' she said finally. `But you'll have to sing for your supper.'
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sing for your supper

earn a benefit or favour by providing a service in return.
This phrase comes from the nursery rhyme Little Tommy Tucker.
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sing for your ˈsupper

(old-fashioned) do something for somebody in order to get what you want or need: Susan has to clean her room before she’s allowed to go out with her friends — she really has to sing for her supper!
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They know how to connect with an audience with rousing indie anthems like Glasgow and Sing For Your Supper.
The event is called Sing for your Supper and is like a relaxed, community focussed version of Dragons Den.
The Rag-Tag Misfits, Andy Bridge and fiancee Helly Marshman, ''Sing for Your Supper'' Busking Challenge on Church Street |
After weeks of heats in the Sing For Your Supper competition at the Hard Rock Cafe in Cardiff, five singers have been chosen to perform in the final.
Brian Murphy I ENTERED the Sing For Your Supper competition which appears in the Daily Record every Friday.
SING FOR YOUR SUPPER: Doctor Gillian McKeith is in the line-up of celebrities for The X Factor: Battle Of The Stars' HOLDING COURT: Kate Thornton' BATTLE: Paul Daniels, Debbie McGee and Lucy Benjamin
She went on to appear in FTP's Doctor Faustus and Sing for Your Supper, as well as on Broadway and in cabaret and symphony concerts.
Thank you Graham IF you fancy something a little different and the late night thing doesn't really suit you, check out Glamourous Show Bar on Sunday evening, where this week you can 'Sing for your Supper' and win pounds 50 in a special karaoke event.
"They make you sing for your supper," Angellotti notes.
La Tavola Calda Italian restaurant in Midland Road is hosting a fund- raising 'Sing for Your Supper' evening on Wednesday, September 3, with proceeds going to the mayor's civic charity appeal in support of Mencap.
Sing for your supper The writing was on the wall for Brian McClair at Hampden after he refused to join Gordon Strachan in a duet for I'm A Believer by the Monkees at the last SFA conference.
Ragtagmisfits members Helly Marshman, 33, and Andy Bridge, 31, both from Maghull, plan to visit all 47 English counties during their six-month "Sing for Your Supper" tour to raise money and awareness for poverty charity Trussell Trust.
The Sing For Your Supper prize includes a year's representation with Mr Producer, a chance to perform live at the Cardiff Devils ice rink and VIP tickets to Hard Rock Calling in Hyde Park London.
WANT to sing for your supper? Then wants to hear from you.
SING FOR YOUR SUPPER: Susan enjoyed a smoked sausage treat FOOD NEIGHBOURS: Vicky and Emma are pals of Susan, top