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sine qua non

A necessary, essential, or required element. The Latin phrases translates literally to "without which not." Some consider a good education to be the sine qua non of a successful career.
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sine qua non

An essential element or condition, as in A perfect cake is the since qua non of a birthday party. This phrase is Latin for "without which not" and has been used in English since about 1600. It appears more in writing than in speech.
See also: non, qua, sine

a sine qua ˈnon (of/for something)

/%sIneI kwA: "n@Un; American English "noUn/ (from Latin, formal) something that is essential before you can achieve something else: Many people believe that grammar is the sine qua non of language learning.
In Latin, this means ‘without which not’.
See also: non, qua, sine

sine qua non

Essential part. As translated from the Latin, “Without which, there would be nothing,” the phrase is an erudite way to describe that which is indispensable or basic.
See also: non, qua, sine
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Though LTRs of pair-wise mouse/cattle were nonsignificant, these repetitive elements might be useful indicators for identifying imprinted genes because the data point of LTRs was much smaller than SINEs and LINEs.
I think we are managing to handle it all," said Sines.
Labour's Birmingham MP Jack Dromey agreed Sines, who runs 16 sites with partner James Crickmore, "has a long track record of abusing those who live on park homes sites that he owns".
But then in June the firm axed the deal after speaking to Sines and bought a neighbouring home instead.
In 2005, residents of Ladycroft Park in Blewbury, Oxfordshire, obtained a court order preventing Sines, who lives in a pounds 5million mansion in Virginia Water, Surrey, from threatening, abusing or harassing them and from blocking sales of their homes.
The BHA said: "While it was of course recognised that the disciplinary panel had concluded the Golds were not aware of the arrangements that Mr Sines and Mr Crickmore made in a number of instances to secure jockeys' agreement to ride to lose if necessary, they were engaged from the outset in providing Mr Sines and Mr Crickmore with their largest and most convenient route to the lay betting markets.
It was said that on two occasions before It's A Mans World ran, Sines had telephoned a bookmaker requesting such a large bet - in one case pounds 175,000 with Paddy Power - that he knew the wager would not be accepted but he had hoped the spoof would prompt them into shortening the horse's odds.
But the answer to his question about why others were not the subject of this enquiry is, so far as this panel is aware, that there was no evidence of heavy lay betting like that organised by Mr Sines against horses ridden by his other acquaintances who face charges in this enquiry.
Monteiro explained that the key priorities included the development of LeixE[acute accent]es, Lisbon and Sines as well as the railways between Porto and Vigo, Lisbon and Porto and the line running west out of Lisbon and accounting for 2.
Sines, 48, is a controversial businessman who runs mobilehome parks across Britain, some of which he has operated in partnership with Crickmore Parks Ltd, a similar venture belonging to Colin and James Crickmore.
Maurice Sines and James Crickmore, labelled the ringleaders of the conspiracy to lay horses to lose on betting exchanges, were each warned off for 14 years.
Sines joins AppStream with more than 25 years of corporate finance and operations experience in both privately and publicly held companies.
Writer Sarah Ryther Francom spoke to Sine for our feature story, "Food for Thought," which details the economic contribution of Utah's restaurant industry.
Designed with pure sine wave output capability, the inverters are meant to complement remote job sites, commercial vehicles and off-grid applications such as solar panels and wind turbines.
Sine Cura Caf owner Pam Cordua, 24, says getting a new restaurant off the ground can be tough, but the cafe at Broadway and Charnelton is slowly and surely building a customer base.