silence is golden

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Silence is golden.

Prov. Silence is often good or desirable. Jerry has two teenage children who listen to music using their headphones all day. He knows that silence is golden. Hush! Silence is golden.
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silence is golden

Keeping one's mouth shut is a great virtue, as in Don't tell anyone else about it-silence is golden. Although this precise phrase was first recorded only in 1848, it is part of a much older proverb, "Speech is silver and silence is golden."
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silence is golden

it's often wise to say nothing. proverb
The fuller form of the saying is speech is silver, but silence is golden .
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ˌsilence is ˈgolden

(saying) it is sometimes best not to say anything in a difficult or dangerous situation
The complete saying is ‘speech is silver, silence is golden’.
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The man who said silence is golden was right, most of the time.
The post Silence is golden appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
They say that in most cases, silence is golden but the silence of Albanian leaders in Macedonia regarding "Monster" is not gold but silence that kills.
The difference between the two tributes was enormous and showed exactly why silence is golden and should be the only way fans remember a special figure.
SILENCE IS GOLDEN Silence is golden it works every time Biting your lip and keeping your smile Saving the day, while you keep your cool Counting to ten, one more golden rule The benefits that follow outweigh the rest In full control and feeling your best Silence is golden, a fairly good plan A good one to remember, bringing 'power to your hands'' S DRISCOLL
SILENCE IS GOLDEN Sarah Shaw, Elizabeth Williams and Janet Curtis sample life down the mine at Killhope.
In a nutshell: Amid Michael John LaChiusa's jangly jazz, Daisy Eagan demonstrates that near silence is golden.
But his urgings weren't enough to catch outsider Silence Is Golden who had the bookies cheering as he romped home at a generous 11-1.
CART chases, crossdressing and calamity are on the cards when Welsh acting students stage their turn of the millennium love triangle Silence is Golden.
In such a place, in such a state, we start to recite the standard litany: that silence is sunshine, where company is clouds; that silence is rapture, where company is doubt; that silence is golden, where company is brass.
Kieren Fallon brought Favourable Terms to challenge the favourite Chorist inside the final furlong, but she had only just got the better of that duel when Silence Is Golden arrived with a wet sail on the outer.
With Godolphin running Echoes In Eternity to make the pace, and the outsider Menhoubah also best when forcing the pace, Chorist's race could well be compromised and preference is for another older filly, Silence Is Golden.
Glover, who is starring in Fugard's latest play, ``Sorrows and Rejoicings,'' has learned when silence is golden.