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slang A phonetic shortening of "acid," a common slang term for the hallucinogenic drug LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide). There were a few people passing around tabs of sid at the concert. A: "What the heck is wrong with Tom?" B: "Oh, just tripping on sid. He'll be fine."

Uncle Sid

slang LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide), a synthetic hallucinogenic drug. Possibly derived from a phonetic shortening of "acid" (a common slang term for LSD), with "Uncle" added for humorous effect. There were a few people passing around tabs of Uncle Sid at the concert. A: "What the heck is wrong with Tom?" B: "Oh, just tripping on Uncle Sid. He'll be fine."
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In "Sid & Aya," Dingdong is Sid an insomniac who hires Aya (Anne Curtis-Smith), a woman he just met to spend time with him while he's awake.
He said material from New Mill-based Bower Roebuck was being used to make the suits - with Scott Elliott opting for a velvet smoking jacket and Sid Sadowskyj choosing a James Bond-style three-piece dinner suit.
Centre assistant manager Katrina Cavanagh said: "The couple who found Sid [pictured] told us he was petrified and they brought him home because they couldn't get help locally.
DOCTORS Mon-Fri BBC1 There's a new addition at The Mill when enthusiastic young doctor Sid (left) arrives to start work.
The Birmingham concert marks the culmination of Sid's year as associate artist at mac (Midland Arts Centre).
Scheduled for release this fall, Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth will send players on an expedition from Earth to lead their people into a new frontier to explore and colonize an alien planet, and create a new civilization.
Eight years after Saket made Pyr Ke Side/ Effects he returns with the story of Sid and Trisha, this time with Farhan Akhtar taking over from Rahul Bose as the forever- in- doubt wannabe musician Sid and Vidya replacing Mallika as the effervescent Trisha.
Sid grew up in the Bronx, the youngest of 4 children of Nathan and Anna Graber.
SID turned quickly inside his truck cabin bed; something made him open his eyes in the midnight darkness.
EASTENDERS legend Sid Owen is quitting Britain for Hollywood - and it's easy to see what made up his mind.