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The recent fall of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein was largely perceived as a "righteous" version of Han's shitstorm.
The British -- I had a shitstorm coming from the other side of the Channel," he told students in his native Luxembourg.
If you can't or won't acknowledge such possibilities, if you've been led by the aforementioned din of thwarted entitlement and puffed-up indignation to expect the worst this November and beyond, then you're neither above nor beyond the shitstorm your cynicism purports to despise.
En otras palabras, este fenomeno es denominado una shitstorm, esto es, un lugar donde hay mas burlas y parodias--memes--que propuestas bien fundamentadas.
Well, prepare for another shitstorm because Beat Generation just reissued the Pure Hell Noise Addiction LP.
Everyone thought she was a junkie," he remembers of the media shitstorm that followed.
Di, was also a beneficiary of the Amazon Shitstorm.
Pdf) from the computer and sends them to a specific mailbox; another is IRC-bot/worm called ShitStorm which can carry out DDoS attacks on websites and spread copies of itself via MSN and P2P services.
However, when I got to page forty, I was appalled at the title ("Humanism in a Shitstorm," J/F 2013) and cringed a few more times as I read through Greta Christina's Fierce Humanism column.
Which reminds me, there was a bit of a shitstorm in the Volley after the book burning.
The gig itself has caused a shitstorm on the net, setting forums alight with glowing reviews of a band that is clearly alive within themselves again.
government should not seek justice all the way up to the top of the chain of command because it would cause a Category 5 shitstorm need to read this book.
because common sense can see through even a media shitstorm the size of the one down there.
At that juncture, DND was enduring a shitstorm of bad press related to the Somali Inquiry, and everyone else in the NDHQ command structure had adopted an ostrich-like protective posture.
A beautiful secret REAL world, with real people, fine friends, doers of great deeds & speakers of the magic word, Frodo's people if you wish, and they write to me and accept my offerings, and I'm damned if I feel like opening the door between that magic reality and the universal shitstorm known as the real (sob) world.