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not know shit from Shinola

vulgar slang To be exceptionally naïve, unworldly, ignorant, or undiscerning. (Shinola is a brand of shoe polish, which is usually black or brown.) Why did you send a kid to be my partner on this case? He doesn't know shit from Shinola! You wouldn't know shit from Shinola, so what do you think you're gonna teach me about fixing a car?
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no Shinola

1. slang Obviously; that is or was completely self-evident. "Shinola," the name of a brand of (usually black or brown) shoe polish, is used as a subsitute for the vulgar term "shit." A: "I think we need to clear that blockage out of the drain." B: "Yeah, no Shinola. Thanks for the tip."
2. slang Are you being serious? Wow, is that really true? A: "My aunt has a cabin we could use for the weekend." B: "No Shinola? That would be awesome!"
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know shit from Shinola

 and tell shit from Shinola
Fig. Inf. to know what's what; to be intelligent and aware. (Always in the negative. Shinola is a brand of shoe polish. A person who doesn't know shit from Shinola is very stupid.) Poor Tom doesn't know shit from Shinola. Fred can't tell shit from Shinola, and he's been made my boss. know someone as someone to know someone by a different name. I know her as Candy La Tour. She has been known as Mary Rogers since her marriage.
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not know shit from Shinola

be very ignorant or innocent. US
Shinola is the proprietary name of a US brand of boot polish.
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know shit from Shinola

and tell shit from Shinola (...ʃɑɪˈnolə)
tv. to know what’s what; to be intelligent and aware. (see also No Shinola!.) Poor Tom doesn’t know shit from Shinola.
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tell shit from Shinola

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No Shinola!

exclam. You are kidding!; No shit! (A play on the expression indicating that a stupid person doesn’t know shit from Shinola. Shinola is a brand of shoe polish.) So taxes are too high? No Shinola!
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not know shit from shinola

tv. to know what’s what; to be knowledgeable in the ways of the world. (see also No shinola! Usually objectionable.) That jerk doesn’t know shit from shinola! Don’t even ask him about it!
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Neighboring retailers include Shinola, Thom Browne, and Stone and Strand, along with such restaurants and bars as Benvenuto Cafe, Tribeca Tap House, Tamarind Tribeca and American Cut Steakhouse.
With more than 20 years of experience in product development, Gross most recently served as director of product development for Shinola Detroit, a maker of watches, bicycles and leather goods.
In the unlikely event that we actually do get some sort of a vote related to national carry, the Shinola spattered about from polishing the NICS turd is almost certainly going to cloud the issue and make the vote less useful come election time.
There's a bit of everything here, including Garza Marfa round chairs, Hasami porcelain mugs, and rose gold Shinola turntables.
has announced that Detroit-based design brand, Shinola, is using Affirm's point of sale service to put customers first in an era when a merchant's values often outstrip price for shoppers' making a buying decision -- especially among millennials, the company said.
Look at Shinola, the brand that's promising to bring manufacturing back to Detroit.
Attendees are invited to join Shinola and WWD to hear about the experiences built into his stores that make it easier for consumers to appreciate the Shinola brand and its core values.
The machine is filled with a variety of surprises to help travelers explore New York City and beyond, including $10,000 in Hyatt gift cards, a Vespa motor scooter, a Shinola Detroit Arrow Bicycle, DryBar gift cards and more.
Amid major investments in companies including OrderUp, Shinola and Zipcar, Case and his team have already invested in local businesses, including Inspirato by American Express and Exclusive Resorts.
Watch by Shinola, $850; Great Scott, 4400 Old Canton Rd.
com is an authorized dealer with dozens of major watch brands such as Diesel, Nixon and Shinola.
Find elegant but sturdy models by Shinola, a Detroit-based builder of steel-framed two-wheelers, and fashionable apparel like sport coats and blue jeans with snugfitting, reflective cuffs.
With the addition of Shinola, Urban Arrow, Sahn, XS and Willex products, AIKA for Urban Cycling continues to focus on their ideals and give customers a variety of quality urban cycling bikes and gear that can meet the needs of any kind of urban cyclist.
He admits he 'didn't know shit from Shinola about what was going on in the art world,' so he swallowed his pride and made Kauffman, Billy Al Bengston and Ed Moses--all young artists exhibiting with the now legendary Ferus Gallery--his teachers.