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know shit from Shinola

 and tell shit from Shinola
Fig. Inf. to know what's what; to be intelligent and aware. (Always in the negative. Shinola is a brand of shoe polish. A person who doesn't know shit from Shinola is very stupid.) Poor Tom doesn't know shit from Shinola. Fred can't tell shit from Shinola, and he's been made my boss. know someone as someone to know someone by a different name. I know her as Candy La Tour. She has been known as Mary Rogers since her marriage.
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not know shit from Shinola

be very ignorant or innocent. US
Shinola is the proprietary name of a US brand of boot polish.
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know shit from Shinola

and tell shit from Shinola (...ʃɑɪˈnolə)
tv. to know what’s what; to be intelligent and aware. (see also No Shinola!.) Poor Tom doesn’t know shit from Shinola.
See also: know, Shinola, shit

tell shit from Shinola

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No Shinola!

exclam. You are kidding!; No shit! (A play on the expression indicating that a stupid person doesn’t know shit from Shinola. Shinola is a brand of shoe polish.) So taxes are too high? No Shinola!

not know shit from shinola

tv. to know what’s what; to be knowledgeable in the ways of the world. (see also No shinola! Usually objectionable.) That jerk doesn’t know shit from shinola! Don’t even ask him about it!
See also: know, not, shinola, shit
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Smartling enables brands such as British Airways, InterContinental Hotels Group, Uber, AdRoll, Shinola, Spotify, Pinterest, Hasbro and SurveyMonkey to provide truly native brand experiences.
With the addition of Shinola, Urban Arrow, Sahn, XS and Willex products, AIKA for Urban Cycling continues to focus on their ideals and give customers a variety of quality urban cycling bikes and gear that can meet the needs of any kind of urban cyclist.
13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Shinola, known for its Detroit-built watches, bicycles and journals, announce today that Makers Monday will now expand outside of the United States to include the UK.
He admits he 'didn't know shit from Shinola about what was going on in the art world,' so he swallowed his pride and made Kauffman, Billy Al Bengston and Ed Moses--all young artists exhibiting with the now legendary Ferus Gallery--his teachers.
Shinola leather watch, $775; Great Scott, Old Canton Rd, Jackson, 601.
Perhaps the biggest success story of all is Shinola, the watchmaker that capitalised on Detroit's surplus of qualified engineers and now produces 500,000 watches a year, each branded 'Made In Detroit'.
Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, ClearScale built a born-in-the-cloud consulting practice exclusive to AWS, helping companies like Samsung, Shinola Detroit, Netpulse, Medallia, The Globe and Mail, Onstream, Dot & Bo, and AdTheorent to deploy or migrate core business applications onto AWS.
Comprising more than eighty mostly black-and-white medium- and large-format photographs and a ten-minute video (also shot in black-and-white), the show presented cityscapes and portraits taken by the New York--based fashion photographer when he visited the shrinking metropolis on assignments for W magazine in 2006, and for Shinola, the luxury Detroit watch manufacturer, in 2013.
Roberson's Fine Jewelry in Little Rock recently added Shinola handcrafted watches and leather goods to its selection of jewelry and accessory products.
The place was going nuts, Howard smacking seven shades of Shinola out of his guitar.
Highlights are the sarcastic Shinola, signature song Jolene and I Will Always Love You, the song Whitney hijacked.
Dionne Dehaney (left) and Jackie Williams with youngsters who took part in the showcase Rhea Dehaney, 5, (front left) and Francesca Johnson, 7, Mica Elliot, 13, Rachael Dehaney, 8, Samantha Jones, 10, Rochelle Wilkins, 10, Shinola Vassel, 13, and Sade Elliott, 13
From the Beatles to Cream, its successful exports owe their success to the Liverpool people's love of a good night out and their highly evolved capacity for telling s from shinola
Sadly, the line-up featured here is the one which beat seven shades of shinola out of each other in the dressing room at their last Birmingham date, so they're not working together any more.
Lee Dupont has been around since long before the death lens and company card, and knows shit from Shinola when ii comes to video work and professional skateboarding.