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no shit, Sherlock

rude slang That is or was completely obvious or self-evident. The ironical reference to the famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes is meant to emphasize that the thing mentioned did not require any great intelligence or deduction to determine or know. A: "I think we need to clear that blockage out of the drain." B: "Yeah, no shit, Sherlock. Thanks for the tip." A: "The front of the car is still sticking out into the street." B: "No shit, Sherlock! I don't have room to back up."
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A sarcastic, mocking term of address for someone whom one thinks is or has been particularly unintelligent, imperceptive, or oblivious. A reference to the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. Often used in the rude phrase "no shit, Sherlock." A: "I think there might be a problem with your internet connection." B: "Wow, thanks, Sherlock. Your powers of deduction remain unmatched." A: "We should probably get the boss's approval before we move forward with this." B: "Yeah, no shit, Sherlock."
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No shit, Sherlock!

and NSS
exclam. & comp. abb. a phrase said when someone has stated the obvious. (see also Sherlock.) No shit, Sherlock. Everybody knows that!
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1. n. a term of address for someone who is clever or perceptive. (see also No shit, Sherlock!.) Brilliant deduction, Sherlock. I never would have guessed!
2. n. one’s pal or buddy. (A play on holmes or Sherlock Holmes.) Come on, Sherlock, let’s go!
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