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A slogan or incantation said aloud to indicate or set in motion a magical spell or wondrous feat. "Shazzam!" exclaimed the powerful wizard, as a bolt of lightning shot from his fingertips. I summon the power of the mystics, of all things unseen. Shazzam!
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exclam. Wow!; Would you believe? (An incantation used by the comic book character Captain Marvel.) And there was my ring—Shazzam!—right on the sidewalk! Shazzam! I passed the test!
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Shazzam! He was Captain Marvel, Superman, and Hannibal riding an elephant into battle.
So here it comes, shazzam! I wish it was that easy, Scorps, but the next few weeks could produce good news at work.
ALL FORMATS SORRY to disappoint Potter fans, but this game is all Shazzam! and little more.