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nice play, Shakespeare

Wow, what a really clumsy, ignorant, or foolish thing to do or say! Nice play, Shakespeare! Thanks to your insulting remarks, they've decided not to invest in the project! The plates all crashed to the floor as I slipped on the spilled wine, and someone in the corner of the restaurant shouted out, "Nice play, Shakespeare!"
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Nice play, Shakespeare!

A sarcastic observation on someone's dumb behavior. Similarly, “Smooth move, ExLax!”
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Millicent Bell when she cites the most famous of Shakespeares soliloquies projects its complexities as the authors own:
Further donations have been spread between various charities across the region, including the Shakespeare Hospice in Stratford, Myton Hospice in Warwick, Barnardo's, the Alzheimer's Society and the Marie Curie Hospice in Solihull.
Mum-of-three Sam Shakespeare, 43, says neighbour Angela Albertides "stood by our gate shouting abuse and calling my husband a n***".
In March 2007, when she returned to work after a period of sick leave, at the time Shakespeares was merging to become Shakespeare Putsman, she found her possessions in boxes and given a job she had no experience of.
World-Wide Shakespeares fills a gap in research left by English language focus of Thompson's collection.
This is the first in a new series edited by Terence Hawkes which aims to provide both single- and multi-authored texts that "will either 'apply' theory, or broaden and adapt it in order to connect with concrete teaching concerns" and with the major developments in recent Shakespeare studies.
In 1985 Alternative Shakespeares set out to transform Shakespeare studies by introducing a set of new, theoretically informed critical practices to the area.
Latino Shakespeares did not surface through the agitprop Teatro Campesino from the 1960s or with the birth of contemporary Latino theater in the 1980s, but rather resulted from two concurrent but distinct genealogies.
Employees at Shakespeares will move from the firm's Temple Street offices to SGH Martineau's No 1 Colmore Square headquarters when the deal is complete on June 15.
MIDLAND law firms Shakespeares and SGH Martineau have confirmed they will complete their merger on June 15.
According to experts at Shakespeares in Stratford, the Environment Agency's pilot scheme to help train farmers on maintaining riverbanks and watercourses signifies a more proactive approach to flood control.