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nice play, Shakespeare

Wow, what a really clumsy, ignorant, or foolish thing to do or say! Nice play, Shakespeare! Thanks to your insulting remarks, they've decided not to invest in the project! The plates all crashed to the floor as I slipped on the spilled wine, and someone in the corner of the restaurant shouted out, "Nice play, Shakespeare!"
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Nice play, Shakespeare!

A sarcastic observation on someone's dumb behavior. Similarly, “Smooth move, ExLax!”
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A little while after their marriage a daughter was born to Anne and William Shakespeare. Nearly two years later a little boy and girl came to them.
In spite of the fact that Shakespeare had now a wife and children to look after, he had not settled down.
This coincidence should remind us that, although an explosion of cinematic versions of Shakespeare aimed at youthful viewers occurred in the late 1990s, the teen Shakespeare phenomenon stretches back even before 1968, when Franco Zeffirelli proved that a Romeo and Juliet film starring real teenagers could draw thousands of young people willingly into movie theaters to view a rendition of a play that many of them had encountered for the first time most unwillingly in a high school classroom.
Written by professional Shakespearean play editor David Bevington (professor emeritus, University of Chicago), How To Read A Shakespeare Play is a guide to experiencing Shakespeare's classic works with an open, inquisitive, and receptive mind.
Andrew Hadfield introduces the essays in the collection as an 'attempt to illuminate our understanding of the impact of Europe on Shakespeare's life as a writer' (p.
The word's been out for generations: American high schoolers will have to study Shakespeare. They meet this requirement with attitudes that span an emotional gamut from enthusiastic to hostile, but they all see it as a rite of passage.
Usborne Stories From Shakespeare pre-sents classic stories from Shakespeare's famous plays retold by Anna Claybourne in straightforward prose for young adult readers, illustrated by Elena Temporin with simple and charming color artwork.
The tragic-comedians, Cervantes and Shakespeare. And Dr.
Andrew Gurr's study does more than offer a detailed portrait of Shakespeare's theatrical company: It offers a new and somewhat controversial vision of what kind of artist Shakespeare was.
Did the acclaimed and immortal playwright William Shakespeare write novels?
One of an English educators' greatest challenges can be getting students to see that there's much ado about something when it comes to the works of William Shakespeare. Learning scaffolds such as reading along to an audio or video version of a play will probably always be popular.
In May 2001, Nolan broke the story in The Globe and Mail--Canada's national newspaper--that the only known portrait of William Shakespeare was in the cupboard of a man in Ottawa.
Shakespeare has long been a fixture in high school and college classrooms, too often a laborious one for indifferent students.
First-year students' causal analysis of the September 11 attacks led to a study of English majors' thinking about war in an undergraduate Shakespeare course.
Chaucer, the first great author of English, borrowed freely from French and Italian, as did the internationally-recognized William Shakespeare, who borrowed from these as well as from Greek and Latin sources, as later English authors did from many other languages and literatures.