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Linda Armstrong, from Huyton, sent in this picture of Willow and Buddy, telling | |us: 'Buddy is saying that Willow's outfit is nicer than mine'
Shelling out on Christmas presents are tortoises Ja, Taz, Itsy and Bitsy, sent in | |by Avri Yeung, from Walton
Rudy, a three-year-old Shi Tzu, sent | |in by Kurt Yates
Mr Buttons, sent in by Jan Carr Hurst, | |from Wirral
Prudence, sent in by Sandra | |Nightingale, from Ormskirk
Cavalier King Charles Jack checking | |the naughty list - sent in by Pat Cragg
Max, from Ireland, sent by Alexandra | |Christie (originally from Liverpool)
Princess Holly and Princess Poppy, sent in by Shelly Miller, from Kirkby |
On Christmas Day, five million text messages travelled on O2's network, while 700,000 were sent on the Meteor network.
Nevertheless, owners who sent in updated cards, even a year ago, complain their bills are still being sent to wrong addresses and a thorough data checking system would be more than welcome.
Another large property owner, John Werwaiss, for the second year in a row, had the same property go in rem because of a water charge that was sent elsewhere.
In Policy Enforcement, Orchestria recognizes policy violations in electronic communications and Web activity before the communication is sent or the Web transaction is completed, stopping the violation before it occurs.