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seller's market

A market in which demand is greater than supply, thus creating better conditions for sellers than for buyers. Since I'm buying in a seller's market, I'm really nervous that I won't be able to find a house in my price range.
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a ˌseller’s ˈmarket

a situation in which people selling something have an advantage, because there is not a lot of a particular item for sale, and prices can be kept high: We just can’t afford to buy a house at the moment. It’s a seller’s market, and there’s nothing we can do about it. OPPOSITE: a buyer’s market
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The game-changer; however, has been the launch of 'Instant Messaging', giving customers the ability to have direct conversations with sellers. Real-time interaction with sellers enables buyers to get the advice they need regarding products they're interested in.
"Sellers are the heart of Daraz's e-commerce ecosystem.
In addition to their GSTIN, sellers need to only provide basic information like contact details, email and bank account details in which they will receive payments.
ONE way to bag a bargain when buying goods is to buy from a private seller, who is either selling something second hand or a new product cheaper than you would get it from a retailer.
In conclusion, sellers should assess their tolerance for risk for Seller Financing.
The form simply is intended to reallocate the burden of determining the proper apportionment of tax away from the seller and onto the purchaser, which presumably maintains sufficient business records to support the apportionment of sales/use tax to multiple jurisdictions.
Of course, sellers can argue that the expansion of a client's operations or change in client's circumstances are endemic to the client and should be included in the purchase price.
Reimbursables involve exchanges of goods and services in which the seller uses his or her organization's own funds and gets reimbursed by the buyer, usually through a military interdepartmental purchase request (MIPR).
* Sellers can avoid costly late-stage reinvestment in infrastructure.
Sellers love eBay because it offers a huge marketplace of 55 million registered users.
Argrett, president and CEO at Fulcrum Venture Capital Corp., a Culver City, California-based private equity firm that targets minority businesses, also advises sellers to be able to provide, in addition to audited or reviewed statements, three- to five-year financial projections with reasonable assumptions, along with tax records.
(1) Acting as a finder--Acting as a finder in bringing together one or more buyers and sellers of any product or service for transactions that the parties themselves negotiate and consummate.
Sellers will be relieved of the "good faith" requirements under current law and will not be liable for uncollected tax.