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1. A screaming, crying infant or young child. The poor couple came in with three screaming-meemies hanging off of them. Now, now, Dorothy—don't be a screaming-meemie! You can play with the toy when it's your turn!
2. By extension, someone who is prone to overblown, petulant complaints. You sure like to dish out insults to people, but you turn into a real screaming-meemie the moment anyone says anything against you. I'm not being a screaming-meemie! I just don't like you talking to me that way.
3. An attack of nervous agitation, as caused by fear, stress, anxiety, etc. Used in the plural. We all got a bad case of the screaming-meemies when we walked into the spooky old house. My poor mother had the screaming-meemies all day as she waited for the doctor to call with her results.
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and screamie-meemie
n. a screaming child or adult. Oh, don’t be such a screaming-meemie!


and screaming-meamies
n. the willies—a mental breakdown. They sent Bart away with the screaming-meemies.
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At my left elbow the base of a screaming meemie was smoking, but it had missed me entirely.
Williamson sent our wire crew up ahead and then told me to find more about an area where the shells we called "screaming meemies" were falling.
Soldiers in France described the sounds of the incoming rounds as moaning, whining, and screaming, resulting in the nickname of "Screaming Meemie" for the rocket launcher.
a terrible noise; we called it the 'screaming meemies.' After this barrage I looked over to my left and a boy from A company, about 20 feet away, had lost the top of his head."
Original: "Having the screaming meemies is like having the heebie-jeebies."
A hangover, the result of a drinking spree, has also been called the "katzenjammers" (from the German for cat's wailing), the "DT's" (an abbreviation of the Latin "delirium tremens" - trembling delirium), the "heebie-jeebies" (from the 1923 comic strip "Barney Google") and "the screaming meemies" (origin unknown).