scream blue murder

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scream blue murder

1. To scream or shout very loudly. Enid screamed blue murder when she noticed the snake in the rocks next to her. Please stop screaming blue murder across the house. If you want to talk, go to the same room.
2. To forcefully complain, especially loudly and/or in a public manner. When they refused to give me a refund, I screamed blue murder until the manager came out. Our customers will scream blue murder if we raise the prices again.
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scream blue murder


scream bloody murder

1. If someone screams blue murder, they complain a lot about something. Unions accept free accommodation and travel, yet they would scream blue murder if the same was received by politicians. `If the FBI was doing this, people would be screaming bloody murder,' says Richard Taylor, a security and privacy expert.
2. If someone screams blue murder, they scream and shout very loudly. She screamed blue murder as he came at her. She ran from the building, screaming bloody murder. Note: The expression `blue murder' is perhaps derived from the French oath `morbleu', which is a variation of `mort Dieu'. `Bleu' or blue is used in French as a euphemism for `Dieu' or God, so `morbleu' literally means `blue death'.
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scream (or yell) blue murder

make an extravagant and noisy protest. informal
A North American variant of this phrase is scream bloody murder .
1995 Iain Banks Whit I was now left with the ticklish problem of how to let my great-aunt know there was somebody there in the room with her without…causing her to scream blue murder.
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scream blue ˈmurder

(British English) (American English scream bloody ˈmurder) (informal) shout, scream, etc. very loudly and for a long time; make a lot of noise or fuss because you disagree very strongly with something: Jill will scream blue murder if Ann gets promoted and she doesn’t.
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SCREAMING Blue Murder is at the Chester Gateway until Oct 4.
She was screaming blue murder at the top of her voice and the whole street could hear her swearing.
After a family of would-be sleuths began screaming blue MURDER at each other
Surrounding the referee, jostling, screaming blue murder.
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A Motherwell reader is screaming blue murder after betting Rangers to beat Celtic 1-0 (7-1 with Coral), and doubling his wager with Laudrup to score the first goal (8-1).
Eyes peeled for the old dame in the white vest and baggy short s screaming blue murder at them for making a racket and ploughing up the beach.
HULLTRUCK Theatre is presenting Screaming Blue Murder at 7.
Screaming Blue Murder, Hull Truck Theatre Company, Newcastle Playhouse (until Sat) - 0191 230-5151.
Yes, this was the very spot on which I first entered this world, doubtlessly screaming blue murder at the sight of the surgeon's scalpel.
Fans are screaming blue murder in an industry where the emotions can get to everyone.
The referee's decision, on the advice of assistant Steven Craven, to red card Nacho Novo had Rangers fans screaming blue murder.
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