scream blue murder

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scream blue murder

1. To scream or shout very loudly. Enid screamed blue murder when she noticed the snake in the rocks next to her. Please stop screaming blue murder across the house. If you want to talk, go to the same room.
2. To forcefully complain, especially loudly and/or in a public manner. When they refused to give me a refund, I screamed blue murder until the manager came out. Our customers will scream blue murder if we raise the prices again.
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scream blue murder


scream bloody murder

1. If someone screams blue murder, they complain a lot about something. Unions accept free accommodation and travel, yet they would scream blue murder if the same was received by politicians. `If the FBI was doing this, people would be screaming bloody murder,' says Richard Taylor, a security and privacy expert.
2. If someone screams blue murder, they scream and shout very loudly. She screamed blue murder as he came at her. She ran from the building, screaming bloody murder. Note: The expression `blue murder' is perhaps derived from the French oath `morbleu', which is a variation of `mort Dieu'. `Bleu' or blue is used in French as a euphemism for `Dieu' or God, so `morbleu' literally means `blue death'.
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scream (or yell) blue murder

make an extravagant and noisy protest. informal
A North American variant of this phrase is scream bloody murder .
1995 Iain Banks Whit I was now left with the ticklish problem of how to let my great-aunt know there was somebody there in the room with her without…causing her to scream blue murder.
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scream blue ˈmurder

(British English) (American English scream bloody ˈmurder) (informal) shout, scream, etc. very loudly and for a long time; make a lot of noise or fuss because you disagree very strongly with something: Jill will scream blue murder if Ann gets promoted and she doesn’t.
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scream bloody/blue murder, to

To shout loudly in pain, fear, or anger. The second term appears to have originated as a play on the French expletive morbleu (mort bleu translates as “blue murder”). The Hotten Dictionary of Slang (1859) defined it as a desperate or alarming cry. The term was used by Dion Boucicault about 1874: “They were standing by and trying to screech blue murder” (quoted in M. R. Booth, English Plays of the Nineteenth Century; cited by OED). It is heard less often, at least in America, than the more graphic bloody murder, dating from the first half of the 1900s. For example, “The one-year-old who has yelled bloody murder during his physical . . .” (B. Spock, Problems of Parents, 1962).
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``You see children screaming blue murder in the supermarket and wonder how you would deal with it and lack of sleep.'' Away from work the couple already have their hands full with a house they'vejust bought in north London.
His annual report detailed shocking conditions that would have animal rights activists screaming blue murder if they were found in a zoo.
"They went down screaming blue murder and dived at the merest hint of someone brushing against them.
Fans are screaming blue murder in an industry where the emotions can get to everyone."
England boss Steve McClaren also believes the competitiveness of the four nations going hammer and tongs at each other would have club gaffers screaming blue murder.
Black Tie and Tales is set in Bagley Hall, home of Godber's sister play Screaming Blue Murder, and tells the amusing story of the hotel's cynical staff as they wait on the well-heeled at a glitzy function.
Screaming Blue Murder, Gala Theatre, Durham (until Saturday) - 0191 332-4041.
How are kids going along to adult football matches supposed to act if all they'veever seen of football supporters is their irate dads screaming blue murder?
Currently he is playing two characters ons tagein a touring production of anew John Godber comedy, Screaming Blue Murder. It arrives at the Chester Gateway today for a week-long run.
Family fun with the tree, lunch, presents, the kids and granny and then the pubs open again and the therapy of screaming blue murder at the opposition.
BLOODY HERO: On England duty; SCREAMING BLUE MURDER: Terry Butcher celebrates another Rangers triumph...
After a family of would-be sleuths began screaming blue MURDER at each other!
I KNOW he'll be shouting and screaming blue murder.
"The lad was screaming blue murder. A fire engine came with the lights flashing."
Having played to some great houses when previously in Durham, with Reunion and Screaming Blue Murder, this time around the company brings the comic story of a black tie bash, as seen through the eyes of Bagley Hall's cynical and truculent staff.