scrape the barrel

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scrape the barrel

To use or select from the last or worst of the resources or options from a particular range or set, even if they are not satisfactory, because there are no others to choose from. We used to get hundreds of qualified candidates, but lately I feel like we've been scraping the barrel with the applicants we bring in. A: "These were the best you could get?" B: "Sorry, the selection was already picked through, so I really had to scrape the barrel even to find those."
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scrape the barrel (or the bottom of the barrel)

be reduced to using things or people of the poorest quality because there is nothing else available. informal
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scrape (the bottom of) the ˈbarrel

(disapproving) use things or people of a low quality because all the good ones have already been used: TV is terrible at the moment, it’s nothing but old movies. They’re really scraping the barrel, aren’t they?
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* Peter Hain says the Tories are scraping the barrel with their candidates PICTURE: Peter Bolter [umlaut]
The whole article was scraping the barrel for sensationalism.
Chris Evans really has been scraping the barrel in his attempt to re-ignite his TV career.
As I may on occasion have pointed out, they've spent most of this year scraping the barrel - but they still decided to roll it out.
Kevin Lisbie, Shaun Bartlett, Richard Rufus and Gary Rowett are all sidelined and gaffer Alan Curbishley is really scraping the barrel at present.
I feel he is now scraping the barrel for any sleaze he can find, despite Councillor Allah Dita, leader of the Justice Party, saying Councillor Lines has always treated him and his party with the utmost respect.
Comment of PS20 the Day THE BBC are really scraping the barrel if they're having to milk old shows like Jonathan Creek again.
In some categories you felt they were scraping the barrel with nominees such as Neil Diamond and Seasick Steve.
WITH smacks of scraping the barrel, this is the fourth single from Kate Nash's Made Of Bricks album.
And looking at the gang they've gathered here, the Beeb really has been scraping the barrel.
"We think they were scraping the barrel and found a soft target."
The turning lock isn't fantastic, but I was really scraping the barrel to find anything else - and didn't.
With reality shows and bloomer specials such as Paul O'Grady's BBC effort and Camera,Action Accident on C5, programme-makers are scraping the barrel.
"Arsenal are scraping the barrel, but they are a big loser in our book, otherwise United would be clear favourites," explained John Bayliss.
It's scraping the barrel and I don't care if it is for charity, it doesn't make civilised proper or appropriate viewing.
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