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schoolgirl complexion

Very clean, healthy, unblemished, youthful skin. All of these beauty products try to convince you that they'll give you a schoolgirl complexion, but it's all a total con job. What's your secret for keeping that schoolgirl complexion of yours?

schoolgirl complexion

Fresh, glowing, unblemished skin, as in She's fifty but she still has her schoolgirl complexion. This expression, alluding to the beauty of young skin, was invented for an advertising campaign for Palmolive Soap, which ran from about 1923 through the 1930s and claimed to preserve one's schoolgirl complexion.

schoolgirl complexion, a

Beautiful skin and coloring, without lines, wrinkles, or other signs of aging. This term owes its origin to the advertising campaigns for Palmolive soap, an American product. Allegedly the soap would give or preserve “that schoolgirl complexion,” a slogan used from about 1923 through the 1930s. An earlier version was peach-bloom complexion, used by Emerson in an 1860 essay (Conduct of Life: Beauty) and surviving in a still current term, peaches-and-cream complexion.
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