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Joe Schmoe

An average person, especially a man and typically of the working class. Sometimes spelled "Joe Schmo," "Shmoe," and "Shmo." My brother's just your typical guy, a real Joe Schmoe—you can find him watching a sporting event in a bar after work pretty much any night of the week. If we let Joe Shmo decide the policies in our country, we'd still be stuck in the 1800s.
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Joe Schmoe


Joe Six-Pack

People say Joe Schmoe or Joe Six-Pack to refer to an ordinary, average person. The networks are looking for something they can sell to Joe Schmoe who lives in a caravan in Alabama. The most crucial factor will be the attitude of Joe Six-Pack, the ordinary American consumer.
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and shmo and shmoe and schmoe (ʃmo)
n. a foolish and naive person, usually a male. (see also Joe Schmo.) What a schmo! He thinks I caused the problem.


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"Are You a Social Schmoe?" Ladies' Home Journal 67.1 (1950): 46.
They cut deals with you: 'You can have Joe Schmoe, but then we want John Smith in the other part.' "
If you're a working Joe Schmoe trying to get by on a monthly salary, then the stronger the rand, the further it stretches and the easier you breathe.
Before he wrote his memoir of his wife's metastatic breast cancer, It Takes a Worried Man, another of the new spring releases, his reading tastes were confined to horror and science fiction, "your basic exploding heads and vampires" Halpin's persona is that of a self-deprecating, sit-tight and hang-on honest schmoe. His book is for the reader who likes "this sucks" and video games in his or her introspective accounts of medical catastrophe.
A commitment to peace and the peace testimony marks the rest of Kurose's private and public life, beginning with her work after t he war with peace activist Floyd Schmoe as his secretary in the Seattle office of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), a friendship that lasted until her death.
To begin with, one can argue that they fail to leave open such alternatives for would-be contributors who want to say to the public "vote for candidate Joe Schmoe." The alternative of speaking via independent expenditures, the argument would go, is grossly ineffective compared to contributing money to Schmoe's campaign, where it would be pooled with other funds and would become part of Schmoe's coherent "vote for Schmoe" strategy.
Sure, it's all corporate drudgery for your average high-tech schmoe. But with a little heady optimism and a remote chance at vested stock options, even drudgery is exciting!
Since the risks of blackmailing Joe Schmoe far exceed his ability to pay, and tabloid readers do not care what he does, information about his personal peccadilloes is worthless.
O'Brien worked with fellow pacifists Mary Farquharson and Floyd Schmoe, who both had also worked closely over the years with Japanese American students at the University.
The company obtained a gag order against her and, according to State Farm attorney Julie Robac, removed her declarations from the courthouse so that "any Joe Schmoe in the public can't just go in there and get a copy...."(22)
If every average schmoe just took the one little issue that they're passionate about, became an expert on it, and then hounded the politicians on that one issue, we could really have a government by and for the people."
If they go up, Joe Schmoe the consumer is not going to Wal-Mart.
If I could think of amore interesting simile I'd have written 'Imaginary Friends' while he'd be the sad schmoe reviewing it.