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Following the beheading of Sayyed and the release of five soldiers Sunday, jihadists are now holding at least 23 soldiers and policemen captured during August's clashes in Arsal.
The deputy Secretary-General of the Shiite militant group Hizbullah, Sheikh Naim Kassem, said on Saturday that the former head of Lebanon's General Security Jamil al-Sayyed "issued information Saturday regarding the false witnesses who gave false statements concerning the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri and it is better for those to whom Sayyed was referring, to respond by giving their own proof and data," the Beirut daily AN NAHAR reported Sunday.
Sayyed is one of 11 Army soldiers captured by ISIS following five days of fighting at the beginning of August.
Sayyed said he refused to respond to of information leakage related to him, by respect and concern for the prestige of the judiciary.
Speaking at a news conference on Sunday, Sayyed said that unless "false witnesses" were brought to justice the truth behind Hariri's murder would not be reached.
The newly-formed committee is tasked with verifying the allegations made in the reports, according to El- Sayyed.
We hope that our position will be taken into account," added Sayyed, who headed the Hezbollah delegation that visited Rai.
Speaking on the commemoration of the false arrest of four Generals in the assassination of late PM Rafic Hariri, Sayyed said the most evident example of their slanted behavior was what they have been using of defamation in their leakage on the case of former Minister Michel Samaha.
Sayyed was accused by a number of Lebanese officials, among them Abdo, of involvement in the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri.
s cultural arm, was revealed by French daily Le Figaro, which noted that acquiring diplomatic immunity could enable Sayyed to avoid potential prosecution by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, an international U.
Zahra stressed on Wednesday to "Free Lebanon" radio that after the funding of STL in Martyr Rafik Hariri's assassination it is clear through Sayyed Nasrallah's speech that there are demands of compensations for funding after they were not able to stop it.
Siddiq says that he handed over an audio recording of a telephone conversation between Sayyed and a Syrian officer with the alias "Abu Michel" who was described as the former head of the Syrian security apparatus in Beirut.
French newspaper Le Figaro reported Monday that the Marshall Islands had nominated Sayyed to become their envoy to UNESCO, adding that "thanks to the diplomatic immunity that would be available to him, the former spymaster would avoid possible prosecution by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.
Minister Adnan Sayyed announced his resignation from the Lebanese cabinet on Wednesday, a resignation statement issued by Sayyed said.
It said that Fransen's promised reply by mid-September would put an end to the row between Sayyed and the STL's chief prosecutor Daniel Bellemare who previously refused to allow Sayyed access to the investigation files.