Say cheese!

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say cheese

Smile for a photo (or literally say the word "cheese," which will result in one's mouth forming a smile). OK, everyone, look at the camera and say cheese!
See also: cheese, say

Say cheese!

Inf. an expression used by photographers to get people to smile, which they must do while saying the word heese. "All of you please stand still and say cheese!" said the photographer. "Is everybody ready? Say cheese!" asked Mary, aiming the camera.
See also: say

say ˈcheese!

used to ask somebody to smile before you take their photograph: Is everybody ready? Right, say cheese!
See also: say

Say cheese!

exclam. Please smile! (A phrase said by a photographer who is trying to get someone to smile for a photograph.) Say cheese for the camera, please.
See also: say
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