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save (up) (for something)

to accumulate money in order to buy something. I can't buy a car because I am saving up for college. I don't have the money now, but I am saving up.


(one's) face Fig. to preserve one's good standing, pride, or high position (after a failure). The ambassador was more interested in saving his face than winning the argument. Most diplomats are concerned with saving face.
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Now click on Tools, General Options, opening the Save Options dialog box (exhibit 8, page 64) where you can enter a password.
Don't talk so much If the average mobile phone call costs 25p and a text is 10p, save by texting instead of talking two or three times a day.
When I recognize Jesus as Savior, I have to remember he comes not only to save individuals, not only to save the community of his followers, but also to save the world.
Were PS16.35, now PS12.24 SAVE: PS4.11 Fish tank ornaments eg small Nemo, Pets at Home.
Splurge: Rien Poortvliet garden gnome with fishing rod,, PS25.95 Save: Vivid Arts playful fishing gnome,, PS12.28 SAVE: PS13.67
"No matter how much you make or how little you make, you've got to save a percentage."
SAVE: PS2 kit Salter multipurpose 3-blade fruit and vegetable spiralizer, Robert Dyas, was PS19.99, now PS9.99.
SAVE: PS10 6 Jet off from Manchester on Thurs (Aug 29) with Airtours for seven nights all-inclusive in Majorca and save PS147 per booking (based on three adults sharing).
"I save for particular things," says Campbell, who is now saving tuition for his college-bound daughter.