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hide the sausage

rude slang To have sexual intercourse. A: "Did you two hide the sausage last night?" B: "Well that's a personal question!"
See also: hide, sausage

not a sausage

Nothing whatsoever. Primarily heard in UK. We haven't heard a sausage from our realtor since we gave her the money for the deposit. I'm starting to get worried. It was surreal seeing our family home with not a sausage in it.
See also: not, sausage

not a sausage

nothing at all. British informal
See also: not, sausage

not a ˈsausage

(old-fashioned, informal) nothing at all: There’s nothing in here at all. Not a sausage!
See also: not, sausage

play hide the sausage

tv. to perform an act of copulation. (Jocular. Usually objectionable.) Then he said he wanted to play hide the sausage.
See also: hide, play, sausage