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hide the sausage

rude slang To have sexual intercourse. A: "Did you two hide the sausage last night?" B: "Well that's a personal question!"
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not a sausage

Nothing whatsoever. Primarily heard in UK. A: "Have you heard from the realtor since giving her the money for the deposit?" B: "Not a sausage. I'm starting to get worried. It was surreal seeing our family home with not a sausage in it.
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play hide the sausage

vulgar slang To engage in sexual intercourse. "Sausage" is a vulgar slang term for a penis. "Hide the sausage" is sometimes hyphenated. A: "So, did you two play hide the sausage last night?" B: "Hey, that's a very personal question!" They made out on the dance floor for a while before going back to her dorm room to play a little hide-the-sausage.
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not a sausage

nothing at all. British informal
See also: not, sausage

not a ˈsausage

(old-fashioned, informal) nothing at all: There’s nothing in here at all. Not a sausage!
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play hide the sausage

tv. to perform an act of copulation. (Jocular. Usually objectionable.) Then he said he wanted to play hide the sausage.
See also: hide, play, sausage
References in classic literature ?
After that, David had the most hilarious hour of his life, entering into the childish pleasures of this family as heartily as if he had been brought up on sausages, and knocking the pantaloon down repeatedly.
David had been taught not to look greedy, even though he felt greedy, and he was shocked to see the way in which Joey and old Joey and even Josy eyed the sausages they had given him.
You could see that Joey (if you caught him with his hand in your plate) was a bit ashamed of himself, and he admitted to us that sausages were a passion with him.
He said he had never once in his life had a sufficient number of sausages.
David refused to pardon him unless he promised on wood never to look in that way at the dog again, but Joey said promises were nothing to him when he was short of sausages, and so his wisest course would be to present the dog to David.
I daresay David would have had to laugh in the end, had there not been a half-gnawed sausage in one of the pockets, and the sight of it reminded him so cruelly of the poor dog's fate that he howled, and Joey's heart was touched at last, and he also wept, but he wiped his eyes with the duck.
He clasped the dear little terrier in his arms; and then we noticed that there was a sausage adhering to its tail.
All I ask of you," Joey said with a break in his voice, "is to call him after me, and always to give him a sausage, sonny, of a Saturday night.
So now the bird set the table, and the mouse looked after the food and, wishing to prepare it in the same way as the sausage, by rolling in and out among the vegetables to salt and butter them, she jumped into the pot; but she stopped short long before she reached the bottom, having already parted not only with her skin and hair, but also with life.
He took the toasting-fork and sausage from me as he spoke, and set forth the Aged's breakfast neatly on a little tray.
That sausage you toasted was his, and he was in all respects a first-rater.
Or so--like Lyons sausage,' said John Baptist, demonstrating the various cuts on the bread he held, and soberly chewing what he had in his mouth.
One, called "common beef sausages", is virtually identical to the modern Lorne sausage, except it is stuffed into an ox gut rather than shaped in a tin.
EATING a sandwich with two sausages could provide two-thirds of our daily salt allowance - more than a double cheeseburger and large fries.
LES Barlow asks why we have to put up with cylindrical shaped sausages (Birmingham Mail Talkback, November 23).