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after Saturday comes Sunday

A translation of a rare Arabic phrase attributed to militant Islamic extremists, meaning that Jews (who celebrate the Sabbath on Saturday) will be killed first, followed by Christians (whose Sabbath is on Sunday). We weren't sure of the safety of the area, but when we saw the phrase "After Saturday Comes Sunday" graffitied on the wall, we knew we should leave.
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Saturday night special

a small, easily obtainable pistol. There was another killing last night with a Saturday night special. That's the tenth shooting done with a Saturday night special this week.
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Saturday night special

n. a small, easily obtainable pistol. There was another killing last night with a Saturday night special.
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References in classic literature ?
Between these more serious occupations the Saturday night hop with the paper-box factory girls came as a refining influence and as an efficient screen.
Well, on that Saturday that we've had so much trouble about, two of these witnesses here, Lem Beebe and Jim Lane, come along by where Uncle Silas and Jubiter Dunlap was at work--and that much of what they've said is true, the rest is lies.
In London, also, on Saturday night there was a thunder- storm, and my brother reached Waterloo in a cab.
On Saturday I will tell you my impressions concerning the telegraph.
A little after noon on that distinguished Saturday I reached the ship and went on board.
It looked as though Saturday were naturally indicated for Philip, but Mary Ann said she couldn't keep the fire up on Saturday night: what with all the cooking on Sunday, having to make pastry and she didn't know what all, she did not feel up to giving the boy his bath on Saturday night; and it was quite clear that he could not bath himself.
It was not really Saturday night, at least it may have been, for they had long lost count of the days; but always if they wanted to do anything special they said this was Saturday night, and then they did it.
Anne felt horribly bewildered, but a moment later she was seized by Priscilla Grant, who had come to Kingsport on Saturday.
I have seen my own doctor this morning and he thinks I might come up before the Board on Saturday.
Another week passed, a great battle that continued under the electric lights each night and that culminated on Saturday afternoon at three o'clock, when Joe tasted his moment of wilted triumph and then drifted down to the village to forget.
So relentlessly did my partner and I spring into our work throughout the week that by Saturday night we were frazzled wrecks.
One Saturday night Peter's mother called to take him home with her for Sunday.
I propose to take you to London with me to-morrow, on this condition--that you promise me, on your word of honor, not to attempt to see your wife before Saturday next.
On the Saturday he went up, as usual, to town, but he came not back Saturday night nor Sunday morning, nor Sunday afternoon.
He was Corbucci's own confidential body-servant, and that alone was enough to damn him in decent eyes: always came out first on the Saturday with the spese, to have all ready for his master and current mistress, and stayed behind on the Monday to clear and lock up.