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break the Sabbath

To violate the rules and terms of the Sabbath day (a holy day of rest and/or worship). Even though my religious rights are protected by law, my employer still made me break the Sabbath by coming into work on Saturday.
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a Sabbath day's journey

A very short, undemanding journey, or the distance thereof. From Rabbinical law that stated a Jew could travel no more than a mile on the Sabbath (the holy day of rest). My father refused to go anywhere on the weekend if you needed to get there by car—or longer than a Sabbath day's journey, as he was fond of saying.
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a sabbath day's journey

a short and easy journey.
Rabbinical law allowed a Jew to travel a certain distance on the Sabbath (about a kilometre); in the Bible, Mount Olivet is described as being ‘from Jerusalem a sabbath day's journey’ (Acts 1:12).
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For the two or three years after that discussion, Bill and I kept our Sabbaths pretty faithfully and found it to be one of our best family decisions.
In 1879 there emerged the first of a series of organizations in New-York City devoted to increasing Sabbath observance.
With their inception in 1968, Black Sabbath pioneered a sound that would form the basis of heavy metal, and to this day continues to influence bands the world over.
This year, the two holidays fall out on the Sabbath (Shabbat) day.
Ibn Ezra, in his commentary on Genesis 1:5 and expanded upon in his Epistle on the Sabbath [Iggeret haShabbat], takes issue with the Rashbam.
Well, we know who gave the Sabbath, and what it was--the gift of a day to worship and rest from work.
A friend of mine has made the decision to follow the practice of Sabbath according to the strict Orthodox Jewish rules.
He first asserts that "[t]here is nothing unnatural about Heschel's view of the Sabbath...." While I agree that minutes, seconds and hours are artificial subdivisions of natural time units, the Sabbath is not a marking or measure of any natural time unit.
BLACK Sabbath are planning their first tour in nearly 20 years.
Citizens require law enforcement services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which, at times, compels supervisors to schedule employees to work on their Sabbaths. In Beadle v.
Whether you find sustenance in the Eucharist or your family's gobs-of-pasta Sunday dinner, whether you get wrapped up in your garden or the music of Miles Davis, honoring the Sabbath is an essential anchor to living a spiritual life
Stemming from the Genesis narrative in which God rests after the work of creation and specifically blesses a day for humans to do the same, Sabbath reminds us that being human is about something more than work.
We propose that distinctive, high-cost, and meaningful Christian practices, such as Sabbath keeping, may be related to the internalization of religion-and thus increased well-being--when they occur within a community.
The twenty-first year of the Lollapalooza festival gets underway on Friday with performances from perhaps the most anticipated set of the evening, a reunited Black Sabbath. Tickets for the music festival sold out months ago but are in such high demand that they're currently being sold on ( secondary markets with the cheapest 3-day pass costing almost $400.