I suppose (so)

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I suppose (so)

An expression of vague affirmation or assent. A: "It's starting to get dark out, should we start heading home?" B: "I suppose so." Bob: "You look a little down today. Everything alright?" Mary: "I suppose. I've just been feeling vaguely melancholy lately."
See also: suppose

I suppose so

I reluctantly agree, I guess so, as in Do you want tickets to the concert?-I suppose so, or Do you think it's going to rain?-I suppose so. [Mid-1500s]
See also: suppose

I supˈpose so

used for showing that you agree but you are not happy about it: ‘Can I borrow the car?’ ‘Yes, I suppose so, but be careful.’‘Can I invite him to the party?’ ‘I suppose so.’
See also: suppose
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Sarli will be joined by Carnevali Spose, a leading Italian designer of wedding dresses and formal dress for grooms.
scruff it looks like it was chaos back then can you imaging it being like that now spose the insurance companies would appreciate it
But it didn't stop her every morning trying to ape a Brummie accent with the words: "Oi 'spose yow want yer batch."
Now she know dat is bad genes mek her do what she did do, lie on the man, tek him inna de big-big court and talk out de business dat spose to be between a man an' him woman, maybe she will change.
Eme Di Eme Le Spose by Atelier Aimee silk "Fonte" bridal gown with double-tiered skirt and separate beaded bustier.
You gittin' deaf as well as bline, I spose! Kyarnt heah me callin', I reckon?
I 'spose free boys can get along here at the north as well as white boys,'" he babbles.
(113.) "La Pianta e sito di detto antichissimo e nobilissimo monastero existe in forma quadrata, con semetria di finissima Architettura a la moderna ridotto, con magnificenza di bellissime stanze e correlative, e degne alla grandezza di tante nobilissime suore, spose di Giesu Christo" ASN, Mon.
Spose dey spike dere horses and make toilet on Ella's grave?
It is not Maupin's fault that the dialogue of his literate Americans, albeit above-average in intelligence and education, is replete with such terms as wanna, gonna, lotsa, must've, hafta, spose, or with in-vogue expressions that may not be understood by overseas readers: dorky, get a life, morphed, gussied up.
for instance, she reaches past the preacher to where the preacher spose to be getting his stuff from, the all-the-way-out, past the Waygonesphere.
O Simon mago, o miseri seguaci che le cose di Dio, che di bontate deon essere spose, e voi rapaci per oro e per argento avolterate, or convien che per voi suoni la tromba, pero che ne la terza bolgia state.
Said the constable, `I said to him, "Spose you tell me you killum -- all right.
Quello che qui sotto si legge a sinistra e un breve componimento del nostro poeta, intitolato Giovani spose e risalente al 1948:
Stavolta l'imputato non se la cava facilmente come Beppe in E primavera; i compagni di lavoro gli trovano un'agguerrita avvocatessa che, tuttavia, riesce a ottenere solo un compromesso: le due spose possono restare purche non vivano nella stessa casa.