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slang An abbreviation of "same old same old," referring to the same thing that is always done or that always happens, especially when it is boring or monotonous. The abbreviation is almost exclusively used in writing, so as not to be confused with the term "so-so" (meaning "average or mediocre"). A: "Hey, how's your visit with your parents?" B: "SOSO. Mom and Dad are the same as ever." I was told this would be a dynamic, shifting job, but so far it's been nothing but the SOSO.

same o(l)’ same o(l)’

and SOSO (ˈsemo(l) ˈsemo(l))
n. the same old thing. I’m getting tired of the same ol’ same ol’.
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same ol’ same ol’

See also: same
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The feds say Soso and Vrdolyak struck a secret deal with a Washington attorney to collect on some of that money even though Vrdolyak "did no work on the tobacco lawsuit." Vrdolyak's attorneys insist that it was not a secret that Vrdolyak would receive money from the agreement, and they've complained about the failed memories of key witnesses, including former Attorney General Jim Ryan.
"We're mindful of the situation," Soso said, "but I think what we offer is something that nobody else can offer.
Six individuals, including Soso Pavliashvili's son- in-law, Vakhtang
Committee members include the ministry of transport's Simon Manyok, ministry of finance representative Agustino Akenyi and the Chamber of Commerce's Juma Simon Charles, with Taban Patrick, Soso Yowa and Ruben Kuany Dut representing the business community's interests.
He realised that there had been foul play and police launched an investigation, which resulted in 20-year-old Jay Soso last week being jailed for raping and killing Marie.
Jay Soso was sentenced to 12 years and eight months from the sickening attack on Marie Reid, 63.
They appealed to the Fisheries Department and high officials to arrest these powerful people include Soso Jakhru, Maqbool Jakhru, Nabu Jkhru, and Long Jakhru and provide them security.
Brett Soso, the managing director of Amalgamated Automobile Distributors (AAD), a joint venture between the listed Imperial and Bidvest groups that distributes both brands, stated that Chery is to launch three new models in the country in the next 12 months and Foton is to launch one new model.
Soso, Fifi, Buzo, Fido, Nemo and Popo take trademark clown characteristics and mix them with a tongue-in-cheek seriousness to pull off the daring production.
We are in the hands of Soso, Fifi, Buzo, Fido, Nemo and Popo, a company of clowns who aspire, just this once, to be serious and present one of the world's great grave masterpieces.
"The accused persons should be remanded in (intelligence agency) custody pending the conclusion of the investigation, and the accused persons should be allowed access to their lawyers while in custody," Magistrate Hafsat Sadiq Soso said.
This article explores the sense of self exhibited by Ioseb ("Soso") Jughashvili, Stalin in statu nascendi, during the 1898-1907 period, when he served the Russian Social-Democratic Workers Party (RSDWP) as an activist mainly based in Tiflis.
Not because of her soso singing voice - but because of her rapier wit and the fascinating things she has to say.
Por su parte, Polo Valinas --afamado y querido linguista--nos habla de la lengua, la cultura y la ciencia, mientras que el escritor frances Michel Tournier nos deleita con su <<dialogo de lo soso y lo salado>>, y el medico Ivan Racklevski nos cuenta algo impresionante sobre la campana antitabaco del Estado nazi.
Opening with hit single Human (the best song the Pet Shop Boys never wrote) and soso This Is Your Life - both from new album Day & Age - the Las Vegas band launches into the anthemic Somebody Told Me.