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Because SOES are usually large and operate in sectors of special activity, oftentimes monopolistic, it was, consequently, rather difficult to pair them with companies from the private sector.
The three periods that represent the different stages of evolution of SOES in Canada--nationalization, commercialization, and privatization--were selected (see Figure 2).
The nationalization period has been arbitrarily set between 1979 and 1981 and represents SOES with a public-service culture.
The sample SOES represent five industries: the integrated petroleum industry, railways, telephone, off and natural gas, and electricity.
A relative index of disclosure (RD) was then calculated from the difference between the disclosure index of SOES and that of the matching private enterprise.
To test our hypothesis, the global index of disclosure in annual reports (D) and the relative index (RD) for nationalized (Dg and RDg) privatized SOES (Dp and RDp) are compared.
The impact of commercialization was analysed by comparing the global index (D) and the relative index (RD) of nationalized (Dg and RDg) and commercialized SOES (Dc and RDc).
Average index of disclosure for SOES significantly increased following their property transfer, rising from 27.