take with a pinch of salt

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take (something) with a pinch of salt

To consider or evaluate something, such as a statement, while keeping in mind that it may not be completely true or accurate, typically due to the unreliability of the source. I heard that you can get a free movie ticket if you wear red, but Kevin told me that, so I'm going to take it with a pinch of salt. Take whatever that paper publishes with a pinch of salt—it's really a tabloid.
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take something with a pinch of salt

 and take something with a grain of slt
Fig. to listen to a story or an explanation with considerable doubt. You must take anything she says with a grain of salt. She doesn't always tell the truth. They took my explanation with a pinch of salt. I was sure they didn't believe me.
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In summary, the evidence-to-date indicates that the SLT is inadequate to diagnose traumatic arthrotomies (Table 3).
v) SLT D, two SLTs (13 and 23 cm deep) in front of a 33-cm-deep tine (Figs 2 and 3);
Under the law, promoting new SLT products associated with lower health risks as "harm reducing" can be approved only if makers can demonstrate health benefits to society as a whole.
A final complication that can affect both the TIC S data and the annual survey data, and that also affects the SLT data, arises from the activities of U.
A visibly frustrated Kelley then blurted our, in the truest words I had ever heard in the SLT meetings: "Every time the students try to bring up a program to improve education, we are told it violates the teachers' contract.
The product liability case alleges that the SLT liner sold to city contractors was "blistered, bubbled off the concrete walls, collapsed under normal operating conditions, and impeded the flow of effluent throughout the sewer.
The SLT is levied on 385 benefited properties associated with the series 2005 transaction and 148 benefited properties associated with the series 2007 transaction.
SLTs new akaza cloud computing service will provide Cyren WebSecurity.
It's yet another step toward providing SLT customers with ongoing peace of mind as well as increased cost efficiencies.
Current models suggest that using SLT as the first port of treatment for newly diagnosed glaucoma patients could result in an annual 2.
The SLT assisted with the diagnostic evaluation of illness suspected of being due to anthrax exposure by collecting clinical data, providing information, interpreting recommendations, arranging for diagnostic testing or expert consultation, and facilitating case reporting with state and local health authorities.
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