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in (the) Sam Hill?

Used as an intensifier after a question word (who, what, where, when, why, and how) to express extreme confusion, surprise, or aggravation. Often erroneously written or pronounced as "in Sam Hell." Primarily heard in US. And just how in Sam Hill am I supposed to have three reports done by 9 AM tomorrow? Where in the Sam Hill did you find that rusty old car? Who in Sam Hill is making all that noise?
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Sam Hill

slang A euphemism for "hell," usually used for emphasis. What in Sam Hill are you kids doing in here? You're going to wake the whole neighborhood! What in the Sam Hill made you decide to fight one of your classmates?
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soapy Sam

One who is slick and persuasive, especially in speech. The phrase originally referred to Samuel Wilberforce, a 19th-century Bishop of Oxford, who was known for such qualities. This guy is a real soapy Sam—the townspeople believe his every word, even though he has never delivered on a single promise.
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Uncle Sam

A personification of the United States or its government, typically portrayed as a man with a white beard. It seems like Uncle Sam is always taking more and more taxes out of our paychecks.
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What in (the) Sam Hill?

Inf. What has happened?; What? (An elaboration of what. Sam Hill is a euphemism for hell. Often with the force of an exclamation. See examples for variations.) What in Sam Hill is going on around here? What in the Sam Hill do you think you are doing?
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Uncle ˈSam

(informal) a way of referring to the United States of America or the US government: He owed $20 000 in tax to Uncle Sam.The name probably comes from expanding the initials US.
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n. federal agents; federal narcotics agents. (Also a term of address. From Uncle (Sam).) Sam is working hard to put an end to all this drug trouble.

Sam and Dave

n. the police; police officers. (Black.) And there at the door were my old buddies Sam and Dave with a warrant.
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Uncle (Sam)

and Uncle Sugar
1. n. the personification of the U.S. Uncle Sugar wants a little more of your money this year.
2. n. a federal agent; federal agents. Uncle has some pretty strong ideas about who’s in charge of this investigation.
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What in (the) Sam Hill?

interrog. What has happened?; What? (An elaboration of what. Sam Hill is hell. Often with the force of an exclamation. See examples for variations.) What in the Sam Hill do you think you are doing?
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What in Sam Hill?

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Where in (the) Sam Hill?

interrog. Where? (An intensive form of where. Sam Hill is hell.) Where in Sam Hill did I put my hat?
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Where in Sam Hill?

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