Run that by me again

run (something) by (one) again

To explain something to one or inform one about something for a second, third, etc., time. I think that should be fine, but be sure to run it by me again on Monday. OK, run the plan by me again so I know exactly what needs to be done.
See also: again, by, run

Run that by (me) again

and Run that by (me) one more time
sent. Please tell it to me again. I can’t believe my own ears. Can you run that by again, please? What? Run that by one more time, Fred.
See also: again, by, run, that

run that by me again

Please repeat what you just said. This colloquialism became popular in the 1960s, when television shows were repeated (“re-run”) and instant replays were developed in sportscasts. It soon came into more general use as a request for a repetition.
See also: again, by, run, that