rubber check

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rubber check

A written order to a bank for a certain amount of funds that has been dishonored because such funds are not available in the account in question. "Rubber" here is a play on the bouncing of a check. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. My ex-husband has been writing rubber checks all across the state.
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rubber check

A check drawn on an account without the funds to pay it, as in He's been handing out rubber checks right and left, but the police have caught up with him . The rubber alludes to the fact that, like rubber, the check "bounces," in this case back from the bank. [Slang; c. 1920]
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rubber cheque

a cheque that is returned unpaid. informal humorous
The expression plays on the idea of a cheque that ‘bounces’, or is unpaid because there are insufficient funds in the drawer's account to cover it.
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rubber (check)

n. a check that bounces; a forged check. (see also bounce.) The bank says I wrote a rubber check, but I’m sure there was enough money on deposit.
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Only one check written by a company for the amount of US$21.56 million exceeded the threshold for rubber checks at US$3.13 million during the month.
You might recall that Shaddock earlier was evicted from west Little Rock office space for aying the rent with three rubber checks.
Last year, embarrassed by rubber checks and a House Post Office that gave away stamps but charged for cocaine, incumbents made a solemn vow: Hey, we'll cut the staff.
As a result, the rate of rubber checks bounced to a record low of 0.31% in May, according to the central bank here.