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roundhouse kick

A kick delivered in a semicircular motion or direction, as opposed to straight in front of the person delivering it. The MMA fighter was knocked out after catching a roundhouse kick directly to the side of his head. She ducked beneath the roundhouse kick and countered with a devastating uppercut.
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roundhouse punch

A punch delivered in a semicircular motion or direction, as opposed to straight in front of the person delivering it. The boxer was caught with a vicious roundhouse punch that KO'd him on the spot. You're better off throwing quick, controlled jabs than swinging those wild roundhouses punches.
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roundhouse punch

n. a punch to the head made by swinging the arm in an arc rather than by a jabbing punch. He let him have a roundhouse punch that would have cracked a two-by-four.
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Speaking to North Wales Live, he said: "We're still investigating and recording the remains of the roundhouse but considering its size and build quality it may have been home to an important figure in the community.
> Up to 50 volunteers joined experts in the dig > The roundhouse was unearthed at Dinas Dinlle on the Gwynedd coast Gwynedd Archaeological Trust
While archaeologists have discovered older areas for the storage of food on Orkney, dating back to Neolithic times, the Dunstaffnage findings are the earliest roundhouse stores of their kind to be uncovered.
Just name two materials used in the building of a traditional roundhouse village.
The Hodgsons believe the cattle are finishing much quicker in the Roundhouse compared to their conventional "rectangular" building, thanks to the good environment and contented stock.
Outreach officer Stephen Thurston, who is co-ordinating the two-week building programme, said life in an Iron Age roundhouse was certainly different from the comforts we are used to today.
The roundhouse took Mr Wiliam four years to complete.
The roundhouse outlines uncovered so far are on the large side - the largest being 15 metres in diameter.
A GROUP of young offenders have gone back to the future by helping to build an Iron Age roundhouse - with a 21st century "green" twist.
The location of each discovery has been marked out with string and nails as the archaeologists record the plan of the site and carry out an analysis of the walls of the roundhouses.
The roundhouses were built on stilts by the river, but were destroyed by fire, with the remains plunging in to the water and preserved over millennia in the silt below.
Currently, Jones Bros shares the site with up to 45 archaeologists who are recording and removing artefacts dating back centuries, including a Neolithic longhouse, the remains of a Bronze Age timber roundhouse, and at least five stone-built Iron Age roundhouses.
"But, despite half a century of modern archaeological interest, we still had no scientific dates for the roundhouses and fields on Skomer.
That consisted of four stone-built roundhouses in a rectangular area enclosed by a stone wall.
Yesterday's application - inpart retrospective and in part proposed - allows for eight roundhouses along with toilets, agricultural buildings and workshops on the land.